Looking for a new member!

2022.01.23 15:59 SussexChap Looking for a new member!

Hi all,
I’m a DM for weekly Twitch streamed DND campaign ( Baldurs Gate : Descent into Avernus ) and we are looking for another to join our ranks. We have three cis males and another cis female. We play Mondays at 7 UK time using Discord, Roll20 and DND Beyond.
If you fancy the sound of it, please comment below with your character idea and what sort of dnd experience you prefer (role play / battling).
Also, you may want to check our stream is right for you by checking out The Natural Ones UK on Twitch.
Be great to hear from you 👍🏻😬
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2022.01.23 15:59 Last-Reality8789 What you've all been waiting for... What sexual activity would you commit/refrain from for the least amount of money?

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2022.01.23 15:59 TasteeTears [WTS] Walther 18rd PDP mag with stickers (CA)

Sold my PDP. This magazine was used once, selling with some sweet walther PDP vinyl stickers. Magazine is new production as it as the blue follower.
$50.00 shipped and insured PayPal FF or Venmo.
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2022.01.23 15:59 Sharonneke95 C'thun Quest Warlock (featuring new cards .

Hey everyone, this guide is for a deck i'm having tons of fun with and also a splendid good winrate. # Winrate: ~65% (31-16 plus a few games on mobile). About 15 of those matches were played yesterday as soon as the miniset dropped. However, as this deck thrives against slower control decks, the further we go into the expansion i'm expecting the winrate to drop to something like 58-60%. Played the deck mainly in legend, used it a bit in rank 3-1 but i would suggest something else if you want to climb fast because my games in rank 3-1 were full of aggro rogue and face hunter. # Decklist: ### Quest 2.0 # Class: Warlock # Format: Standard # Year of the Phoenix # # 2x (1) Armor Vendor # 1x (1) Supreme Archaeology # 2x (2) Acidic Swamp Ooze # 2x (2) Mo'arg Artificer # 2x (2) Nether Breath # 2x (2) Plot Twist # 1x (2) Zephrys the Great # 2x (3) Dark Skies # 1x (3) Deathwarden # 2x (3) Hysteria # 1x (3) Sense Demons # 1x (4) Cascading Disaster # 2x (5) Crazed Netherwing # 2x (6) Aranasi Broodmother # 1x (6) Tickatus # 2x (8) Twisting Nether # 1x (9) Alexstrasza # 1x (9) Dragonqueen Alexstrasza # 1x (10) C'Thun, the Shattered # 1x (10) Y'Shaarj, the Defiler # AAECAcn1AgrFBNwG66MD/KMDkbEDxt4D/N4Dv+ADzuED/uMDCtsGigfalgPamwPlrAPrrAPsrAPpvgP44wOS5AMA # # To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone # Card explanations, tech choices & potential swaps: Survivability: * Armor Vendor: the new card from the miniset, works very well in this deck, especially since we're not playing the soul package. * Nether Breath: i mainly use it with Mo'arg for sick heals, works well at killing the big threats (Flesh Giant, Mana Giant, Libram of ⠀Hope Knight if you manage to pop the divine shield) while also healing. * Aranasi & Plot Twist / Sense Demons Dragon Package: * Alexstraza: i found myself using it mainly for self heal * Dragonqueen: since we're drawing pretty quick the effect can go off, however if you have to use it to corrupt Tickatus just go for it. This card is in the deck for corrupting Tickatus and being a dragon, the effect is a bonus. * Crazed Netherwing * Nether Breath AOE: * Dark skies * Hysteria: this card is just nuts. It can clear Rogue's stealth minions, it can clear big minions, it can clear mostly any type of board. Will talk more about it in the Matchups section below * Cascading Disaster * Crazed Netherwing Tech cards: * Acidic Swamp Ooze: playing two of those because i was mostly facing Weapon Rogue, Face/Highlander Hunter and all kinds of DH. All of those classes have 3 mana weapons so if they drop them on T3 the 5 mana pirate comes too late and it was mainly usefull vs Evolve Shaman and Bomb Warrior because stolen weapons don't get respawned by Hoard Pillager. * Deathwarden: i think this card is being slept on. It ruins the 0 mana libram, it ruins Rattlegore, it ruins Envoy Rustwix/Kanrethad and it is a better body than the 2/1 owl. Be careful if you want to use this and Hysteria if this minion dies before the deathrattle minion, the deathrattle will still trigger even though both minions die during the same spell. # Matchups Warrior (2-2): Big Warrior highly favored. Deathwarden and Tickatus are the MVPs of this matchup. You either burn their big guys or you silence & kill them with Deathwarden. You also have 2x Ooze for the weapons. Bomb Warrior is highly unfavored. Destroying the weapon doesn't do much as they can respawn it. Deathwarden vs Dr. Boom is decent but in the end you can't do much if you eat a few bombs + 3 dmg per turn from Galakrond. Druid (2-2): Spell Druid is Balanced. Need to mulligan for AOE here, sadly Hysteria doesn't kill more than 2 treants in this matchup. Deathwarden is very good vs Soul of the Forest. I think Mountseller version is easier to win than the Treant version. Corrupt N'zoth Druid is Favored. Tickatus is good for burning the Ysera Dragons. Only thing is to have a plan prepared for their N'zoth turn. Rogue (5-3): Slightly favored. Oozes against weapons, Deathwarden against Sneaky Delinquent. Basically if you get the answers (of which you have plenty of) you win, it really depends on the first few turns. Mage (5-3): Small spell mage/Elemental mage is highly favored. They don't have a lot of burn dmg (unless they get some sick spells from Evolution/Mana Cyclone) and this deck runs enoug AoE for their threats. Secret mage i'd say is slighty unfavored mainly because this deck doesn't run Mortal Coil so Counterspell will eat a good spell if not on coin. Mozaki mage is unwinnable unless their Mozaki is at the bottom of their deck. Warlock (5-1): Zoolock is balanced i'd say. You have enough AoE and healing to stall long enough (the only loss i had was because of bad draw). The new Rustwix Warlock is Favored but you have to play it carefully. Deathwarden for Rustwix/Kanrethad, at some point there will be a vectus so you can't fully avoid having some primes in their deck. However you have enough AoE to deal with their primes and if you time Tickatus right you can burn some of them. Only way i see losing this matchup is them getting a crazy Solarian. Priest (4-0): I've only faced rally priest which is highly favored but i think any variation of priest is favored. Only way of losing is them getting a good Illucia. Hunter (2-3): Slightly unfavored. Two of the losses were before teching Deathwarden. The other loss was against Highlander Hunter which drew the perfect Zephrys while i didn't draw any heal. Demon Hunter (2-3): The new tempo and Aggro DH are both balanced. Soul is unfavored and OTK is unwinnable unless you get a lucky Tickatus but 90% of the time they draw their pieces before you can use Tickatus. Paladin (4-0): Highly favored. One of them was a Duel Paladin and he pulled Tickatus from my deck and somehow burned a C'thun piece (don't remember how) and i still won. Pure Paladin only has a chance of winning only if they pull a Libram of Hope with Alura on turn 4. # Win Conditions C'thun: you can go through your whole deck, use 3 C'thun pieces and on the last turn before fatigue you use the 4th C'thun piece and draw a 0 mana C'thun. Tickatus: burn 10 cards from your opponent with Tickatus and Y'Shaarj, that's usually enough to kill them through fatigue. You also have enough tools to just outstand your opponent and win it through classic control. # Possible Inclusions: Thalnos + 2x Mortal Coil. If Weapon Rogue rises even more i could see these cards being run against their 1 HP minions. Khartut Defender: Good for stalling against aggresive decks but counter productive with the Deathwarden. Siamat: Good for corrupting Tickatus, as you might have seen the deck doesn't run any 7 drops and there have been games where i could have used Tickatus one turn earlier. However i think this is too slow for the current meta.
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2022.01.23 15:59 vendol21 Low Poly Africa Map

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2022.01.23 15:59 josemrx55 [H] $5 Steam Wallet Code [W] $5 Amazon GC

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2022.01.23 15:59 throwaway12942134213 My schedule since everyone else is posting theirs LOL

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2022.01.23 15:59 Whinfp Why are bi men so underrepresented?

As my bio says I’m a 19 year old bi dude (specifically a heteroromantic bisexual. I desire sex with both men and women. But I only desire romantic relationships with women). And it bugs me how underrepresented male bisexuality is. If you look at history many male kings, emperors, mythological gods, artists, writers, and rockstars were bisexual. But most bi representation today (when there is any) is mainly female. What’s up with that?
Don’t get me wrong! Bi women deserve representation, but so do bi men. Ideally it should be 50/50. Bi women and bi men have equal but distinct struggles. I feel bi men need just as much representation to highlight those struggles. But there used to be so much male bisexual representation. In ancient Greece and Rome, male bisexuality was the norm. Just look at rulers like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar or gods like Apollo. And even later you have bisexual male icons like Oscar Wilde, John Maynard Keynes, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Mick Jagger, Pete Townsend, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, the list just goes on. But we don’t get as much male bisexual representation anymore. Why is that?
Back in high school when I first came out as bi so many girls dismissed me gay. And that just hurts. I heard a study that said 63% of women say they would never date a bisexual man. And I’m also autistic so combine that with my sexual orientation being seen as undesirable in the eyes of women (the only gender I’m emotionally attracted to. All I want from fellow men is casual sex (at most a friend with benefits) and my social skills are so bad that I can’t even get that), that’s probably why in all 19 years of my life I’ve never had an significant other. But I’m going to a course at my local university designed to help neurodivergent people develop the skills needed for college and adulthood and among them is relationship skills. So maybe someday I’ll be able to have my desired relationships with both men and women.
I would love to see more bisexual male representation in media. Especially depicting neurodivergent bisexual men, that would be really cool.
Thanks for attending my TED talk. Goodbye. 👋
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2022.01.23 15:59 SirKerlTNT aka what children do when in the pool

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2022.01.23 15:59 CyclonePower14 22 [M4F] USA/Online - Looking for that special someone :)

Howdy!🤠 I'm from the U.S. and I'm in search of that special someone! A little bit about me: I'm a senior in college studying philosophy and history. My hobbies consist of bowling, playing video games (I play on Xbox), watching movies & TV, exercising, and sometimes drawing! Some fun facts about me are that I'm lactose intolerant, I've never broken a bone, and I can recite the alphabet backwards.
Here is a photo of me if you're interested in what I look like: https://imgur.com/a/M2Lh3ZS
In terms of who I'm looking for: I'm looking for a girl who is between the age of 18-25 and is preferably from the United States. It's okay if you aren't, I might make exceptions! Also, I'd prefer someone who is not obese. I understand that sounds rude, but it's just a personal preference. We all have them.
If you are interested in chatting, feel free to send me a chat message! :) I hope to hear from you and that you're having a great day or night!
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2022.01.23 15:59 the_itsb PPP Loan recipients in Athens

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2022.01.23 15:59 fallenpersephone I have trauma from my past relationship and it is affecting me, which affects my relationship. I really need some advice.

TW: molestation
It's a long one, but I would really appreciate some advice... Please?
I hate who I am.
I keep feeling the need to change myself and become someone who's sexual because of all the influences I've had in my teenage years. The whole "no one would love you if you're ace" thing really did get to me. Over the years, I've really exposed myself to as much as I could. Sexually. But like, never engaging in anything else with another person apart from my current date, and even that's considered too big of a jump for me.
Context, I don't think this counts as sexual assault, but I was molested by my ex boyfriend years ago. He didn't touch me anywhere private or whatever, he just groped my ass. Which is why idk what to consider it. Is this... A valid encounter to feel violated by? I still ask myself that question. I was molested multiple times on the bus too but that wasn't that big of a deal as compared to the encounter with my then partner.
Another thing, I identify as asexual. I spent the early years of my teenage years wondering what was wrong with me. Why was I never interested in sex or porn or masturbation, even to the point that I was (and still kinda am) disgusted by it. When I learnt about asexuality, everything just clicked. I didn't feel so alone anymore. I didn't feel so weird anymore. And that was so so so relieving. I felt like I could love myself.
But when I started dating someone when I was 17, he didn't take my sexuality seriously. He thought I would change. Believe me, I wish I was different too. Anyways, I had already said that I didn't wanna be touched anywhere from my thighs up. But he groped me one day, as a playful punishment while he was giving me a goodbye hug.. I brushed it off and went home. No one was home yet, so I cried my eyes out for 2 hours. I never brought it up to him, or anyone, until much later. I felt like I didn't have the right to be upset because... That's what couples do? And I guess I was compensating for the fact that I'm asexual?
Later on in the relationship, the topic of sexual intimacy eventually got brought up between us, and I made it abundantly clear that I was not interested in anything that involves the private parts. No you touching me, no me touching you (down there). He then brought up "compromise" and said that he feels that we can both compromise. And while he doesn't need sex, he would like to have it, and we can have oral sex instead. But I was not open to that. He then told me "if you 100% don't want to, I don't think I can live with it." I was heartbroken. He knew prior to getting with me that I am asexual. I told him from the very beginning... Why.
Eventually, what he said about how basically no one would love me if I'm asexual, got embedded in me. And so, I spent the next few years really exposing myself to new media like porn. The sight of a naked person still disgusts me. But I feel like I've gotten more used to it. With my current partner now, I'm more open to trying new things. I don't mind it I guess. Sometimes, I even initiate it. I want him to want me. But my struggle now is trying to love this sexual being, because I don't know if its me.
I know people change. Maybe I have. But why do I hate myself so much? I keep asking myself, do I really enjoy masturbation? When I want to do it, is it because I want to do it, or I just want to use it as a means of self harm. And I eventually came to the conclusion that it was the latter. I realised that every time I did it, it would remind me of the molestation incident with my ex, and that nobody would ever love me if I was asexual. And that really hurts.. But I don't know what to do.
I really want to bring this up with my partner, but I'm afraid he would not want to initiate intimacy with me anymore because he doesn't want to hurt me. I'm scared that he won't want to be intimate with me, and that'll make me think that he doesn't love me, because I spent years telling myself that if I wasn't sexual, nobody would love me. how do I undo what I did...
So, a few questions here. - Was my encounter with my ex even molestation? - what do I do about... Everything. (maturation as self harm, my relationship with my partner)
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2022.01.23 15:59 Gamingwithron [PS4][PS5][M22] Selling 25 250k QS NEED GONE ASAP $11 per QS

Gold Seller 2k Mt* https://www.reddit.com/NBARep/comments/c7u9r6/ugamingwithron_nba_rep_profile_2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
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2022.01.23 15:59 A-Ratfink Anyone know what mushroom this is?

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2022.01.23 15:59 Soapy_sneeze Impulse bought this from the clearance section with no ID.

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2022.01.23 15:59 ZeroTwoModz Citadel 1911 in .45, I named her old glory ?

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2022.01.23 15:59 Pink0612152504 How would you describe those people who isn't autistic but acts like they are because they don't care what people think about them?

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2022.01.23 15:59 MeDiuM_SQuiSH I cut a potentially cancerous mole off using wire cutters. It was on my other hand

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2022.01.23 15:59 carrotbukkakedab 30 [M4F] looking to be ghosted

Hey, Maybe could go on voice chat and you could seem really sweet and then after like 10 minutes you could say you have to take another call and you'll be right back, and end the call and instantly remove me
Maybe we could talk for like 10 or so minutes and then you could just stop responding and all that cool stuff. Maybe I could tell you about some cool movies and shit and we could make plans to watch some stuff together and then never do it
Maybe we could talk for four months, and then you could remove me off discord randomly
Maybe we could have a great conversation and have matching personalities and then we could go into a voice chat and play Terraria until 3 in the morning and have a good time, and then you never respond to me again
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2022.01.23 15:59 Professer-spider [No spoilers] non American critters how do you stay awake to watch the live streams?

For context the campaign 3 games stream 5-9 am in my country.
I live in the middle east and I rly want to watch the sessions live but I usually watch the first hour then fall asleep at 6 am, but this thursday (actuly Friday at my time zone) I am determined to stay up and watch it live,so do u guys have any tips on staying up?
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2022.01.23 15:59 FilmsnFries I crawled into bed next to my husband just like I’ve done for years.

In the morning when he woke up he wondered where the cold spot came from.
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2022.01.23 15:59 diamsv Ways in which Europe has marginalised/excluded Russia in the past/now?

Hi, I'm from Greece and the media and most people here have good feelings for Russia and Russian people. Russia is always portrayed as a brotherly country.
After spending some time on this subreddit, I read on posts that Europe has treated and still treats Russian people in a bad way, for example the ones living in European countries now. Can you say more examples? Because honestly I want to know more sides of this, since I always thought that, because Greece thinks of Russia in a good way, it would be the same in the rest of Europe as well for some reason, it was just an impression I hadn't thought much about. (I don't put the whole of Europe in the same category, I just wanted to include all European countries.)
Sorry if it's common knowledge, I just wanted to find out.
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2022.01.23 15:59 Creative_Ad_7204 Forgot to get tested off campus can I do it at MAC Courts and submit?

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2022.01.23 15:59 vamtnhunter Kind of a “save the date” thing, but for an area

Just throwing this out there for the folks who make it as far as Shenandoah National Park.
After several years of cooking dinners and passing out cold drinks throughout the Park, I’m expanding my efforts this spring/summer and making a more set “system” that will include 2 days of slack packing.
Put as simply as possible, I will be using Saturdays to slack pack folks from Blackrock Trailhead (886.1) to Pinefield Hut (898.2). There, dinner will be served. Bacon cheeseburgers, mostly, but also venison, bear steaks, vegan options, candy, etc. Cold drinks of all sorts. Other amenities such as trash collection and charging stations. More. Sunday mornings, breakfast will be served at the hut and packs will be taken to Lewis Mountain Campground (918.0). They have showers and laundry there. Meanwhile, I will collect resupply lists and get whatever is on those lists from the Dollar General in Elkton and wherever else I may need to go and leave those supplies with the packs at Lewis Mountain.
I will post details about meetup times on GH/FO at those locations and surrounding huts. Of the 10 weekends between April 30 and July 2, I will probably do this schedule 8 or so of those.
I am not running a business, will never take a tip or do anything for profit. The basic dinners I’ll be cooking and drinks will never cost a single hiker a single penny. I won’t take it. Resupplies can be reimbursed after I’ve delivered. However, one thing I’m considering are “special requests.” Want to buy your whole tramily ribeyes and a nice bottle of wine for dinner? Want a particular fancy 6-pack of beer with your dinner? I’ll consider doing that and being reimbursed. Maybe your family back home will want to do that for you? It’s possible. There will never be any upcharge at all. We can sort that out through messages as the time gets closer.
I will use Instagram to communicate messages, my handle there is vamtnhunter. Give me a follow, and if you remember this post when you get to SNP and are going through that area on a Saturday, I’d love to help make your trip through here easier. Hope to see a bunch of y’all healthy and happy in a few short months.
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2022.01.23 15:59 MantaRay374 Sleeping in a bush was worth it to see the sunrise over LA

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