Srs only please. Life circumstances advice

2021.12.06 01:35 throwra8031205804 Srs only please. Life circumstances advice

Hi reddit.
I need honest input from my best internet strangers..
Several years ago my wife had significant health issues... it spun her into significant depression... she did OK with meds... and then gave up on them suddenly... she turned into a different person in her ssri withdrawal period and became sort of like a teenager after everything settled (lots of risk, no worrying re consequences or over spending, overall risky behavior, she said the world owed her for her problems)... our relationship suffered and we focused entirely on our kids. We tried therapy but never got enough sessions in to make progress.
Fast forward and a surprise accident left me on my back for several surgeries, in home care, and finally I can walk again and help around the house... I coordinated all my own care and daycare, my wife hated the whole process and would leave for days at a time.
My wife resents my health problems through no fault of my own and always discounts any bill or issue related to my care. My struggle is that she expected me to be there for her but puts up a double standard when I need a partner.
I'm afraid to ask, but is it my job as a husband to never look to my wife for help? I'm second guessing if I leaned too much on my wife for help? Should I have asked my parents first? I thought she would jump to help the same way I did when she struggled...
She said she hoped I never made it and that "everyone " hopes the same.
I understand everyone of theses threads says DIVORCE! But I just wanted to see if anyone else had significant health issues and resolved them as a couple
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2021.12.06 01:35 Independent_Dirt_903 Should I give Trazodone a shot?

Tested positive for Covid on Aug. 29th. . very mild case but I noticed during/or shortly after my recovery I began having trouble sleeping. Since then, I'm literally averaging 0-2 hours a night; can go days without sleep. Been having fucked up neurological problems because of it.
I've already tried every natural supplement I could, melatonin, multivitamin supplements, magnesium, even THC,CBD,CBN wouldn't put me to fucken sleep . .
Also tried:
Ativan (2 mg)
It's like COVID fucked up the brain receptors responsible for sleep. Had a very mild case, just graduated from highschool. Worked 40-50 hours a week at my job and exercised 4-5x weekly, to bein fucken bedbound and having fucked up neurological problems. Can't function at all, nowhere near like I use too.
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2021.12.06 01:35 vortexmak 2007 F800ST service manual

I'm looking for the F800ST service manual.
Would anyone be kind enough to share or create an ISO of the CD.
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2021.12.06 01:35 Taco101910 I’m Calling it. The nerf to vex won’t do anything.

Seriously how does bungie expect a slight nerf to aim to fix a gun that has the time to kill of a sidearm yet has the range of a pulse. Like cmon, surely they know it’s still going to be the best gun. They can’t be that dumb, can they?
Realises it took bungie months to release heir apparent was giving tripe the amount of damage reduction it was meant to*
Never mind.
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2021.12.06 01:35 XxCabookaxX [XBOX] [H] Several Items and Tons of Limiteds [W] Credits/SB and Lime Interstellar

Octane: RLCS 2021-22
Octane: Ripped Comic
Octane: RLCS
Black/Crimson Dominus: OR-AISE
Dominus: OR-AISE
Cobalt Dominus: RLCS
BS/Cobalt Dominus: Stratum Badge
Dominus: Stratum Badge
Fennec: Yorebands
FG/Black/BS Fennec: Yorebands
Fennec: Edge Burst
Breakout: Froggy
Maverick: Circuit Pro
Maverick: Gale-Fire
Jäger 619: Snakeskin
Endo: MG-88
Black Breakout Type-S: Mobo
Pink Emerald
Saffron Carbon
Picket Holographic
Santa Fe
Black Blade Wave: Inverted
Crimson Sparkles
Grey/BS/Saffron Anispray
Orange Cloudburst III
Cloudburst I,II,III
Scary Pumpkin
Stranger Things
Virtual Wave
League Legacy
Vaporwave Remix
TW/Black/Pink/Lime/SB/BS/FG/Grey/Orange/Purple/Saffron Super Manga-Bolt III
Fallen Angel
RL Esports
Mrs. Avocado
Knight Rider
Lucky Stars
Jolt Bangle III
Hot Rocks
Laser Wave I,II
Orange Laser Wave III
Big Splash
Supernova II,III
BS/Crimson Supernova III
Crimson Toon
Lime/BS/Orange Breakout
Cobalt Centio
Black/Lime Guardian GXT
SB Mainframe (2200 to build)
W.I.P. (300 to build)
Purple Encryption (2200 to build)
FG Humid Haze (900 to build)
Humid Haze (700 to build)
Saffron Dominus Or-Aise (100 to build)
Grey Dominus: Mixtape (50 to build)
Dominus: Mondo (50 to build)
Saffron/Pink Dominus: Mondo (100 to build)
Dominus: Vector (100 to build)
Dominus: Huntress (100 to build)
Dominus: MDGA (50 to build)
Dominus: Distortion (300 to build)
Dominus: Suji (50 to build)
Fennec: Bodacious (100 to build)
Lime Fennec: Bodacious (200 to build)
Fennec: Hardline (50 to build)
Black/Cobalt Fennec: Hardline (100 to build)
Fennec: Slimline (50 to build)
FG/Purple/BS Fennec: Slimline (50 to build BS, 100 for rest)
Fennec: Huntress (100 to build)
Fennec: Ombre (100 to build)
Purple/BS/Lime Fennec: Ombre (100 to build BS, 200 for rest)
Fennec: Distortion (100 to build)
SB Fennec: Zeus (100 to build)
Fennec: Zeus (50 to build)
Fennec: Edge Burst (50 to build)
Cobalt/Orange/Saffron Fennec: Edge Burst (100 to build)
Octane: Framework (300 to build)
SB Octane: Framework (500 to build)
Lime/Saffron/Black Octane: Vertebrate (100 to build)
Octane: Bodacious (100 to build)
Purple Octane: Bodacious (200 to build)
Octane: Chantico (50 to build)
Octane: Dragon Lord (50 to build)
Black/Purple/Grey Octane: Dragon Lord (100 to build)
Octane: Gale Fire (50 to build)
Octane: Vertebrae (59 to build)
Orange Octane: Vertebrae (100 to build)
Octane: Windblast (50 to build)
Octane: Vaporwave (50 to build)
Octane: Sticker Bomb (50 to build)
Octane: Abtruse (50 to build)
Octane: Royal Tyrant (50 to build)
Dingo: Figurator (50 to build)
Black/Grey/Cobalt Dingo: Figurator (100 to build)
TW/BS Dingo: Rascal Stripes (150 to build TW, 50 for rest)
Dingo: Rascal Stripes (50 to build)
Dingo: Silencer (50 to build)
Lime Dingo: Silencer (100 to build)
Crimson/Cobalt/FG Breakout: Shibuya (100 to build)
TW Tygris: Silencer (150 to build)
TW Sentinel: Faceted (150 to build)
TW Komodo: Takeover (300 to build)
Black Insidio: Silencer (100 to build)
FG/Black/Cobalt Insidio: Sticker Bomb (100 to build)
Quasar (200 to build)
FG Quasar (200 to build BS, 300 for FG)
Astro-CSX (200 to build)
Astro-CSX: Inverted (700 to build)
SB/BS/Orange/Pink Astro-CSX Inverted (700 to build BS, 900 for rest)
Cobalt Cristianos (300 to build)
TW/BS Glitch (400 to build TW, 200 for rest)
Black HNY (600 to build)
Grey/SB Playock (300 to build)
Black X-Tempo (300 to build)
Pink Dey KC: Schematized (600 to build)
TW Clodhopper (200 to build)
Saffron/Lime CNTCT-1 (300 to build both)
TW/Lime CNTCT-1 Infinite (700 for TW, 600 for rest)
Crimson Flim-Flam (300 to build)
Lime FSL-B (300 to build)
Black Cutter (300 to build)
Glitch [Wheels] (200 to build)
Wrench-Roller (100 to build)
Black/Pink Truth Beam (300 to build)
TW Zigzag (400 to build)
Lime/Cobalt/Crimson/Grey Pulse Crawler (300 to build)
TW NeOctane (200 to build)
Lime/Orange Sweet Dreams (150 to build)
Crimson Carbonator (2200 to build)
Fennec (500 to build)
Dingo (500 to build)
Pearlescent [Matte] (100 to build)
Toon Sketch (100 to build)
Anodized Pearl (200 to build)
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2021.12.06 01:35 Taiyarr His hair was getting long and needed a hair cut. After I picked him up I can’t help but laugh and cry at the same time

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2021.12.06 01:35 waldorsockbat So i guess we're never getting the Passenger

I was a fan of McCarthy's for years but had been waiting for his next book.
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2021.12.06 01:35 SirApetus Kickstarter Update 24: Digital Books Updated! · Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition

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2021.12.06 01:35 lks2drivefast Need help with name ideas. This handsome boy comes home in a couple of days.

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2021.12.06 01:35 Fury72888hshu [Part 2] If you could live with these smol mythical pokemon, which will you choose?

Extra Info:
I didnt know what Meloetta special ability is, but she can keep it, oh and change form freely
Diancie can still produce diamond (I guess that a diamond)
Hoopa can still use his ring and change form freely (will obey you) (the ring will only can summon normal pokemon, no legendary and mythical allow through the ring.)
Magearna still a Magearna
Marshadow can still hide in your shadow
Meltan still a Meltan with his special abillity which Idk. (look like its some sort of power with electricity? idk) (can evolve)
Ok why the heck I think most people will choose Marshadow or Hoopa here?
View Poll
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2021.12.06 01:35 throwawayorwhatevr C

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2021.12.06 01:35 GreenNapster Everlast-powercorebag $78 [Deal Price: $78.00]

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2021.12.06 01:35 Addog2323 How's the snowy pine tar?

Thinking about putting it in my subscription but I wanted to check with my fellow squatchers first.
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2021.12.06 01:35 Realisticly RIP my Warframe data

PS4 just died and all my Warframe data is on there. Goodbye for now? At least until cross save
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2021.12.06 01:35 waylonp123 sad clover

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2021.12.06 01:35 RulrOfOmicronPersei8 Suicide attempts 1 and 2

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2021.12.06 01:35 rubybrrr What’s it like for gay men and women to see naked people of the same sex in gym locker rooms?

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2021.12.06 01:35 Imthemaincharacter- What would be in a playground made for adults?

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2021.12.06 01:35 sw_faulty Twitter admits policy 'errors' after far-right abuse

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2021.12.06 01:35 space_ape71 Painting of two monks meditating over a skeleton, in a meditation chamber, Tapa-i Shotor, Hadda, Nangarhar (350 CE). Nine Charnel ground contemplations depicted in artwork in Afghanistan.

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2021.12.06 01:35 Lanky_Juggernaut_806 Join

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2021.12.06 01:35 pablo_eskybar Table top stands

Has anyone had any issues with the table top stands with the tempered glass base? The reason I ask is I have a stand rated for 50kg weight. My CX without the base is 23kg roundabouts. It seems to be sitting solid on the stand but the support poles on the stand are leaning forward, not enough to flip, but I am concerned about the ability of the 2 bolts holding the poles in place being able to support the weight over the long term.
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2021.12.06 01:35 russelltayy finally top 1%

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2021.12.06 01:35 AspectUpbeat9318 Anyone wanna jerk?

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2021.12.06 01:35 iamthejuanyouseek Get in on that dip!

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