I suffer from chronic muscle pain in my upper trapezius and neck and I'm currently going to a PT for it, however some of the exercises we do cause me more pain, is this normal?

2021.10.16 05:18 mayy246 I suffer from chronic muscle pain in my upper trapezius and neck and I'm currently going to a PT for it, however some of the exercises we do cause me more pain, is this normal?

My PT attributes my pain in the upper trap and neck to my rounded right shoulder and neck posture and I agree 100%. I understand how bad posture for many years can develop pain, but I suffer from persistent, chronic pain in these regions. Is this even normal? I know of many others with bad posture and they suffer from pain, but it's like when they are studying, or at a desk for hours, not 24/7 like mine. Even with good posture, I'm still in burning pain level 6-7 which gets even worse the longer I sit or stand. I also suffer from anterior pelvic tilt and intermittent low back pain I'm assuming the combination makes it harder on my body. I have the typical lower cross syndrome and upper cross syndrome, however, without the kyphotic curve and only one side (my dominant side) rounded shoulders.
Some background
I noticed pain in the neck around middle school when studying, but ignored it. In high school, I noticed I had a rounded shoulder, but I wasn't experiencing upper trapezius pain yet. This time I was beginning to develop chronic pain in the neck. Once I got my first job at a smoothie place I'm guessing this is where things got back with chronic neck pain (due to forwarding head posture that never got fixed) + bad shoulder mechanics, over time I began to develop chronic pain in both the upper trapezius and neck that doesn't go away even with rest.
I can't even drive because of this or even work as many days as I need to. Most days I spend lying down the whole day since that's the only time I can keep pain at a level 4-5. It's not much better and I know being inactive is making my issue worse, but even if I'm just walking a short distance, or standing for a small amount of time I feel like I have to lie down and start massaging my tight muscles. It's honestly pathetic but that's what I'm dealing with.
Confusion with Physical therapy
I will try to continue to do the exercises my PT recommends, but it's so painful sometimes. Especially the lower trapezius exercises we do. All I can feel is my upper trapezius burning up. Especially, with face pulls, my neck and upper traps hurt so bad. Even with good form, it's still so painful to perform. Is this something I'm just going to have to deal with? I can feel other muscles group kicking, like my rotator cuff and other stabilizer muscles, but I feel like no matter what I do the upper traps and neck muscles always kick in. I always hear you shouldn't preform movements that give you pain, so I'm very confused.
Due to this, I usually end up quitting physical therapy (I've been to 3 different physical therapists) and I've continued on with exercises at home that don't give me pain. I find that standing exercises are much better. I like doing standing W's and the standing prone cobra hold. Also, I like doing banded rotator cuff pull apart. Anything overhead gives me a lot of pain. And what sucks is I know strengthing my lower trapezius is essential to fixing my pain but I can't perform the specific exercises that recruit my lower traps (wall slides, IWYT's, face pulls with ER) due to this.
Could you guys please be honest and tell me if you ever had a patient like this before? What would you recommend in this case?
I'm at my wit's end with chronic pain. I've tried other methods in the past (muscle relaxers, botox, trigger point injections, massage) but I know physical therapy is the end all be all that will probably end up actually helping me, but I feel like I'm at a confusing spot right now. I would really like to get to the bottom of this and get my life back so any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.16 05:18 Hrculx Japanese Language Pack?

Short story, wife is Japanese, she has seen this game played on YT with a Japanese interface and would like to play it that way also....is this an option somehow?
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2021.10.16 05:18 Ivy_BlueLan Rate my Ayaka build pls, 2pc glad, 2pc NN, harbinger of dawn. (First time here, came from r/HuTao Mains since I can’t get a decent pyro goblet)

Rate my Ayaka build pls, 2pc glad, 2pc NN, harbinger of dawn. (First time here, came from HuTao Mains since I can’t get a decent pyro goblet) submitted by Ivy_BlueLan to AyakaMains [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 05:18 DailyCalorieCount90 I need urgent help with this, please read. 🙏

I have a very serious problem that makes me have nightmares at least twice a week. I am always thinking about it and it is exhausting. It has become an obsession. I have taken extreme measures to keep it under control but it is hard to deal with it no matter what. I have non-regurgitative bulimia. In this case I sometimes eat twice or even thrice as many calories as I should in one day and then fast for the next two. Since I felt I was losing control over it I decided to move out on my own to a small house where I had no access to food or money. I've just turned 18, meaning I have it very easy since I still do not earn any money and can stay at home for days at a time. I'm terrified of ingesting more calories than I should and even at the right amount of 2100 calories a day I feel dissatisfied with my measurements. I have a hormonal problem thanks to a chromosomal abnormality I was born with and because of it all the fat goes to my legs, hips, love handles as well as my butt. I am a man. I should not have this type of body and it makes me incredibly uncomfortable if I'm not wearing the right clothes to shape my body in a way I'm okay with. I feel trapped in life and I am considering being institutionalized because I simply do not have the energy to study and carry on with life and at the same time control my eating disorder; both because of the anxiety and depression or dysthymia I present. I do not want to live with this body. And there are no hopes for normality in my life, so If I choose to live I will have to get institutionalized at some point, and if I want to stop having to deal with this---and thereby exhaust my energy---,that will have to be done rather sooner than later. I have tried to throw up after eating but I haven't got to that extreme yet because I don't want to end up with digestive or dental problems. So I did not do it in the end. But I just cannot take it for much longer and of course it is not usual for a man to have an eating disorder and this is not something I love sharing because I just feel so anxious and preoccupied about it. I am a mostly careless individual and so this is not my natural state of affairs. My parents and relatives do not think it is as serious, but that is only because they're not in my mind all the time and because they are afraid to admit their son has this hugely problematic disorder. Perhaps as well because I am at a normal, healthy weight. But all that means is that I try my best not to let myself fall. I am tired of this. I like food and I find so much happiness in consuming it. Few things make me as euphoric. I want this to stop but I feel the emptiness of life and the anxiety of the time that passes and which keeps leaving me behind and so I eat because I feel pleasure but my biggest dream in life is to be okay with my body and get rid of this problem. The only sure way to do that would be getting INSTITUTIONALIZED at a center or place where they would ration my meals and not allow me to eat more than 1500 calories or so a day. I don't have what's necessary to exercise when it comes to mood. And even back when I used to exercise, (I would walk 4 hours 6 days a week,---around 20km per day---, do light calisthenics and weight lifting) things were not noticeably better. Maybe only a 2kg difference that is barely significative and not fully worth the effort. I cannot run. I feel dead. I like to walk but I cannot do other stuff. At least not right now. Soon I'll have a major surgery (a kidney transplant) and then I will be free to start my life as an adult but I just lament the fact that I will not be entirely free since I must get institutionalized. How will that even work? I want to get married. I want to study. Sure you can study online and that is not too bad, but what about my marriage?
I know myself and am realistic about my situation. I know I need serious help. I cannot get out of this on my own since the reason for my ED is always there and will never fully go away (it's in my genes and this is my reality.)
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2021.10.16 05:18 Dank_Stank626 H: B50c25 & Q50c90 10mm SMG's W: Offers

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2021.10.16 05:18 PixelToast1 Got turnips going for 476 tips are greatly appreciated ( I am broke plz )

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2021.10.16 05:18 Hefty-Elephant-6044 I think I need help

I don’t know if here is the place for this, but I don’t know where else to put this. I don’t know who I am anymore. When I look inside, I don’t see anything anymore. I feel feel tired. Tired of work, tired of talking to people, I don’t even really enjoy talking to my friends, partner, or family anymore. My sex drive is practically non-existent. I can’t even sleep in my bed anymore. The only place I can fall asleep is on the floor curled up in the fetal position swaddling myself in my comforter. I thought I was bi, but when prior partners made sex a large part of the relationship I felt scared and even though I did it it didn’t feel right. When I look at celebrities who people say are attractive I don’t feel it in the same way other people seem to.
I thought I might be ace but that doesn’t feel right either. I just feel tired. Whenever my partner holds me, I don’t feel comfort. I just feel pain. I don’t know why.
I feel like I’m throwing my life away, but I don’t know what else to do. I’m not getting stuff done, I’m flaking on my goals, and I feel I just can’t rest.
I was amab, and sometimes it feels okay, but sometimes it just hurts. Like when I started growing facial hair I was excited but also scared because it felt like time was running out. I am in therapy, but I just don’t feel comfortable talking openly during my sessions lest my roommates hear anything.
This has been a mess, but I am afraid to edit it because then I won’t have the courage to post it. I just know the statistics about lgbt+ people and mental health, and I hoped someone had some advice.
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2021.10.16 05:18 LilyMcAllister DOUBLE DISCOUNT! 29% OFF + SUBSCRIBE & SAVE! Amazon's Choice! [Amazon] Boost JUST Protein Unflavoured Instant Whey Protein Isolate Powder, 227 Grams (Pack of 1)

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2021.10.16 05:18 Rayzva My first build

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2021.10.16 05:18 coolingice Cash was stolen what do I do?

I was at my schools recreational center outside and left my wallet on one of the benches by the court where I was playing basketball (I’m stupid I know) and someone stole all the cash I had in my wallet.
Is there anything I can do? I’m pretty sure they have cameras outside and I did confront a group of people because it was only me and them out there for that period of time then one of them suspiciously left.
Am I screwed here or should I ask to view camera footage? Never had to deal with anything of this nature I’m mostly just pissed and tired right now.
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2021.10.16 05:18 Moist_Animator An Analysis of RCB's performance in IPL 2021

An Analysis of RCB's performance in IPL 2021 Introduction
RCB overall had a good season in IPL 2021. They placed 3rd in the group stage and ended up with 18 points, their second-highest tally in an IPL season. Their season ended with a defeat against Kolkata Knight Riders in the Eliminator. In this post, I wanted to look at what went right for RCB this season and why they eventually failed.
Here's their squad for reference:
Retained Players: Virat Kohli (C), AB de Villiers (VC), Devdutt Padikkal, Mohammed Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Washington Sundar, Yuzvendra Chahal, Josh Philippe, Pavan Deshpande, Shahbaz Ahmed, Adam Zampa, Kane Richardson, Daniel Sams, Harshal Patel
Released Players: Chris Morris, Aaron Finch, Moeen Ali, Isuru Udana, Dale Steyn, Shivam Dube, Umesh Yadav, Pawan Negi, Gurkeerat Mann, Parthiv Patel (retired).
Added Players: Glenn Maxwell, Mohammed Azharuddeen, Sachin Baby, Kyle Jamieson, KS Bharat, Rajat Patidar, Dan Christian, Suyash Prabhudessai, Finn Allen

Let's start with their batting. While their batting has long been RCB's strength, it was quite mediocre this season. With exception of Glenn Maxwell, all their main batsmen have been average or only good in patches.
Records of RCB batsmen this season:

Player Matches Innings Runs Average Strike Rate 100s 50s
Glenn Maxwell 15 14 513 42.75 144.10 0 6
Devdutt Padikkal 14 14 411 31.61 125.30 1 1
Virat Kohli 15 15 405 28.92 119.46 0 3
AB de Villiers 15 14 313 31.30 148.34 0 2
KS Bharat 8 7 191 38.20 122.43 0 1
Kyle Jamieson 9 7 65 16.25 118.18 0 0
Shabaz Ahmed 11 7 59 14.75 128.26 0 0
Washington Sundar 6 4 31 7.75 65.95 0 0
Dan Christian 9 7 14 2.33 58.33 0 0

Let's start with the openers. Kohli was quite below par this year, averaging less than 30 in a season for the first time since 2014 while scoring at a slow rate. While Padikkal's record is slightly better, it is heavily inflated by his hundred. Apart from that knock, he has scored slowly and been quite inconsistent. He struggled in the UAE leg, averaging 27 at a strike rate of 108. While neither Kohli nor Padikkal had very successful seasons, they still managed to provide decent starts. RCB had an average score of 47 in the powerplay, which is above average for this season. They usually provided a solid platform for the middle order. The problem was that after the powerplay, the openers slowed down drastically. Padikkal had a strike rate of 117.1 in the middle overs, while Kohli fared even worse, with a strike rate of 108.1. Kohli seems to have stopped attacking spinners entirely, scoring at exactly a run-a-ball against spin this year. After soaking up many overs, Kohli would often succumb to the pressure and get out trying to hit a big shot. This was most apparent on the spin-friendly, slow wickets at Sharjah. RCB was consistently poor throughout the middle overs this season, going at a run rate of 7.14, the second-worst in the league.
Their middle over struggles was further exacerbated by their lack of a reliable number 3 batsmen. They tried various batsmen at this position in the first phase of the tournament, including Patidar, Sundar, and Shabaz, none of whom fared well. It was incredibly frustrating to see these players struggle in the middle overs, while Maxwell and AB waited in the dugout. However, they seemed to have solved this issue in the second phase, through the inclusion of KS Bharat. Bharat made his debut in the first game of the second phase and has had a pretty good season. He played crucial knocks against RR and MI, as well as an excellent knock of 78*(52) against DC, where he finished the game with a last-ball six. He's been good in the middle overs and quite excellent against spin, barring his innings against KKR in the eliminator. As an added bonus, he is also a good wicketkeeper, which took the pressure of AB. While he was a good addition to the team, he never quite scored fast enough to alleviate RCB's struggles in the middle overs.
With a top-order that was average at best, RCB's batting relied heavily on Maxwell, and to a lesser extent AB de Villiers. Maxwell was by far RCB's best batsman this season, top-scoring for them despite batting at 4. He was a consistent performer in the India leg of the IPL, averaging 37.2, with a strike rate of 144.8. RCB's poor run rate in the middle overs was only alleviated by Maxwell's incredible performance. Throughout the season he has been very good in the middle overs, averaging 55.2, with a strike rate of 136.8. This is mostly due to his domination of spin bowling; he has a strike rate of 154.4 and averages 44 against spin this year. He took on the best spinners in the league on slow surfaces that favored spinners and came out on top. In Sharjah, which was a haven for spinners this season, he averaged 52 and had a strike rate of 157.6 against spin.

Record against best spinners of this IPL

Bowler Aggregate Dismissals Average Strike Rate
Rashid Khan 32(19) 0 - 168.4
Varun Chakravarthy 27(16) 1 27 168.75
Sunil Narine 6(13) 1 6 46.15
Rahul Chahar 29(19) 0 - 152.63
Ravi Bishnoi 22(8) 0 - 275
Overall 116 2 58 154.67

In the UAE leg, he scored 4 fifties and almost singlehandedly carried RCB through middle and death overs to respectable totals. In the second phase, he was also required to be a hitter in the death overs, due to AB's form. Needless to say, he was worth every penny of his $1.89 million paycheck.

AB de Villiers, while still extremely valuable, had a more inconsistent season than usual. He was spectacular in the first phase but struggled in the UAE leg.
AB de Villiers in Indian leg vs UAE leg of IPL 2021

Phase Innings Runs Average Strike Rate 50s
India 6 207 51.8 164.3 2
UAE 8 106 17.7 124.7 0

In the Indian leg, he embraced his role as a finisher, batting at 5, and absolutely demolished attacks in the death. He played 3 excellent knocks, where he sunk the opposition in the death. He had a mindboggling strike rate of 243.3 at the death in the Indian leg and averaged 146. It should be noted that he was quite slow in the middle overs in this phase, as he has been throughout the season, with a strike rate of 92.4. Throughout this year, he has also been poor against spin, averaging 19.8 with a strike rate of 120.7. In the UAE leg, he has continued to be dismissed by spinners and struggle in the middle overs. While his strike rate in the death has still been good, but he hasn't been able to convert his starts into bigger scores. One could argue that he should have been sent up the order, especially in the 1st phase, when RCB didn't have a set number 3. Sometimes players like Christian were sent ahead of him, forcing him to bat at 6 and not giving him enough time to settle. However, it seems that sending him at number 5 was justified, given his success in the Indian leg at that position and his struggles against spin.

RCB Batsmen in the middle overs this season (Source: Cricmetric)
Apart from Maxwell, who was simply superb, and perhaps Bharat, all the batsmen have struggled to score quickly in the middle overs.

RCB Batsmen vs Spin this season (Source: Cricmetric)
While Padikkal and Kohli had high averages, they failed to take on the spinners, and up the run rate in the middle overs. AB has struggled as well. Only Maxwell and Bharat have scored at a decent rate against spin.

Apart from RCB's struggles middle order struggles, their biggest batting weakness was their lower-middle order. There was rarely any batting left after de Villiers, a problem that has plagued RCB for years. To be fair, RCB did seem to have fixed this issue in the auction with the purchase of Dan Christian. Unfortunately for them, Christian had an absolutely horrendous season and failed to cross single digits even once. Shabaz and Sundar did not impress much either. Jamieson seemed serviceable as a lower-order hitter and perhaps should have been given more chances in the UAE leg. RCB persisted with Christian for too long and should have played Tim David, who was only given one game, more chances.
Overall, RCB's batting this season was just average, with an overreliance on Maxwell, failures by key batsmen, and lower-middle order problems.

RCB's biggest strength this year was their bowling. After years of being carried by their batting, RCB's success this season was mostly fueled by their bowling. Their bowling core of Siraj, Harshal, and Chahal allowed them to defend low totals and compensate for their batting.

Records of RCB bowlers this season:

Player Matches Innings Wickets Average Strike Rate Economy
Harshal Patel 15 15 32 14.34 10.56 14.34
Yuzvendra Chahal 15 15 18 20.77 17.66 7.05
Mohammad Siraj 15 15 11 32.09 28.36 6.78
Kyle Jamieson 9 9 9 29.88 18.66 9.60
Shabaz Ahmed 11 6 7 13.14 12 6.57
Dan Christian 9 9 4 38.75 25.00 9.30
Washington Sundar 6 6 3 39.33 32.00 7.37
Glenn Maxwell 15 6 3 45.00 32.00 8.43
George Garton 5 5 3 45.00 30.00 9.00
Daniel Sams 2 2 1 39.00 36.00 6.50
Kane Richardson 1 1 1 29.00 18.00 9.66
Wanidu Hasaranga 2 2 0 0 0 10.00
Navdeep Saini 2 2 0 0 0 13.00

Let's start with Mohammad Siraj. He was extremely economical this year, although he did not take that many wickets. This is a change from last year when he was an expensive but wicket-taking new ball bowler. This year, he was no longer a wicket-taker in the powerplay, averaging 51.5, despite going at only 6.44 runs per over. This is partly due to the fact that he did not have a dependable bowler at the other end in the powerplay. Due to Sundar's injury, various overseas pacers like Kyle Jamieson, George Garton, Daniel Sams, and Kane Richardson were tried as opening bowlers. None of them were very successful, which meant that there was no one to apply pressure at the other end. Batsmen played out Siraj's overs and took on the bowler from the other end. Siraj's biggest contribution was his death bowling; he averaged 18.8 and went at just 7.53 runs per over. He has the best economy in the death this season for any bowler that has bowled more than 10 overs, ahead of Bumrah and Bravo. While many pundits were worried about RCB's lack of death bowlers this season, Siraj, along with Harshal was able to fix this long-standing issue.
Harshal Patel's record-breaking season is one of the greatest achievements by an RCB player, alongside Kohli's 2016 season. He took bags of wickets consistently, equalling Bravo's record for the most wickets in an IPL season. Now, one might argue that his impact might not be as large as it seems due to his relatively high economy and the fact that most of his wickets came at the death (19 of his wickets have come at the death and 11 in the 20th over). While these points are valid, it still doesn't diminish his achievements. Firstly, an economy of 8.14 is not bad for someone who bowls primarily in death. While his economy of 9.21 in the death this year is not as impressive as Siraj's record, it's still well below the average. He also completely turned games around in the death, such as his two games against MI, where he tore apart their middle order. His performance wasn't a fluke either, although he took most of his wickets in the death. Batsmen couldn't hit his off-cutters, being deceived by the dip and turn. As of the end of the league stage, he had picked up 18 wickets with his off-cutter, with a bowling average of 6.67 and a strike rate of 5.5. Not to mention, he was also very good in the middle overs, averaging 18 with an economy of just above 7. Overall, he's been brilliant, and his cutters are sure to trouble batsmen in the following seasons.
RCB's spin department also performed well this year, mostly due to Chahal, who had another great season. Chahal actually started the season poorly, leaving Harshal and Siraj to do the heavy-lifting in the Indian leg of the tournament. However, he was simply fantastic in the UAE leg of the IPL and was arguably RCB's best bowler in this phase. This was partly due to the slower, more spin-friendly wickets; he averaged 11.1 and went at 5.5 runs at over at Sharjah and Dubai.
Chahal's record by phase
Phase Innings Wickets Average Strike Rate Economy
Indian leg 7 4 47.5 34.5 8.26
UAE Leg 8 14 13.1 12.9 6.13

Chahal's excellent performance in the UAE leg made up for Sundar's absence and allowed RCB to restrict the opposition in the middle overs.
Shabaz was also excellent this season, and in my opinion, extremely underused. With a bowling average of 13.1 and an economy below 7, it is baffling why he didn't bowl more. He only bowled in 6 out of 11 matches he played this season, and that too was only given an average of 1.3 overs per innings. Bowlers like Christian and Maxwell, who fared much worse, were often given the ball ahead of him, despite spin-friendly wickets and Shabaz's excellent record in the middle overs. In the playoff game, he didn't get the chance to bowl, on an extremely spin-friendly, wicket, and the ball was instead given to Christian, who Narine feasted on. Overall, Shabaz was an extremely underrated talent that RCB should have used more.
Another major flaw in RCB's bowling line-up was their lack of a reliable overseas seamer. RCB made a major blunder by buying Kyle Jamieson for $2 million. Although he had a decent domestic T20 record, he was untested against quality oppositions and was worth much less than his price tag. Although he took wickets regularly, he was too expensive and did not play in the 2nd half. He probably should have been given more chances, due to George Garton's struggles, and his ability as a lower-order hitter. However, RCB persisted with Garton and went into the playoffs without a reliable overseas seamer and 2nd powerplay bowler.
Overall, a more balanced team, and stronger bowling attack allowed RCB to make it to the playoffs. I think the team showed great resilience and dedication to make this far. If a few more things would have gone their way, like winning their second league game against SRH, (which would have taken them to the 2nd spot), RCB may have made it to the finals. This season also marks the end of Kohli's captaincy. His tactics and strategy this year were flawed, as they usually are, but he gave his 100% each and every game, as he has been doing all these years. Despite RCB's many flaws, it was a good team effort and an overall pretty successful season.
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2021.10.16 05:18 mossycave ACTIVE TRADER PRO Market Internals Question

What are the tickers you use for internals? Interested in ADD, TICK, and Volume Breadth.
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2021.10.16 05:18 Dark_Instinct Seeing a lot of sociopaths on here lately. Just a friendly reminder.

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2021.10.16 05:18 Specific-Ad-822 Drunk and could use some compliments [over 18]

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2021.10.16 05:18 quickredundancy1 This about sums it up.

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2021.10.16 05:18 Izzypizzywizzy Am I paying too much for my term insurance? Term/WL?

Hi all, I (27M) would like to hear some thoughts from everyone on whether my insurance planning is sound. If there are any points that I have overlooked, would be great to hear them.

  1. I currently hold a term insurance till age 75, for a sum assured of 1mill for death and TPD, 200k late CI and 100k Multipay CI. This comes with premium loading (50% more premium payable for the CI and Multipay CI portions due to my pre-existing health conditions). So the annual premium I am paying for this plan is about 2.6k (inclusive of loading of about $600-700/year).
  2. I understand that typically most people want their term plans to last only until retirement age (e.g. 60-70) but at the time I thought the difference in total premiums to be paid if I were to extend it to 75 is not that much in contrast to the coverage (about 20k difference in total premiums). Furthermore, CIs typically increase in occurrence after 70.
  3. However I am aware I am paying quite a lot for this term plan, which will add up to about 130k by age 75. This is largely due to the multipay CI portion which takes up the bulk of the premium (about 1.6k/year), especially due to loading. Not sure if I should keep the multipay but one good thing is that it covers my pre existing condition.
  4. I am now considering whether it would be more worthwhile to partially convert this term policy to a whole life (WL) policy (about 200k for death and TPD and 200k for late CI - inclusive of a 2x multiplier until age 70), or maybe even get a separate WL policy on top of my existing policy. As such, I would have a term policy which has the purpose of high coverage at low premium and the Multipay CI, while the WL policy would be for a peace of mind with whole life protection for late CI and a guaranteed death benefit/cash value.
The reason why I’m considering conversion is that if I were to obtain a separate new policy, my pre-existing condition may be excluded entirely. Or there may be loading similar to the current plan, in which case I would be open to getting a new policy instead of converting.
  1. Based on calculations, the premiums for the converted WL policy to be paid over a 20 year period would be about 55k in total (about 2.7k per year). At the same time, the reduced term plan would have a reduced premium, amounting to a total of 115k at the end of age 75. My thought process is that, while the overall premiums paid for WL + Term policy will be higher than the current arrangement of having only the term plan, the benefit is that the WL policy will have a cash value, or a guaranteed death benefit at the least if I do not surrender it - which would go to my beneficiaries. In a way, it seems more “worth it” as I can at least recoup some of the money used to pay off the premiums.
  2. In conclusion: (i) Should I keep this term plan and multipay as it is? (ii) Should I partially convert it to get whole life late CI coverage and make it more “worthwhile” in terms of cash value/my beneficiaries getting a guaranteed death benefit? (iii) Should I get a separate WL plan for whole life ECI and late CI coverage? Conversion of my term plan would only allow for late CI coverage for whole life. How important is whole life early/late CI coverage?
Lastly, I understand that the premiums for the WL plan can instead be used for investing (aka buy term invest the rest) but I am currently just starting out on my investment journey (e.g. Robo, VWRA) and not sure if I can achieve a better outcome by my own investing, than the WL plan (in terms of the guaranteed sum or with projected return). Btw the projected returns look really high - should I be referring to this or the guaranteed sum when making my decision?
Would be really grateful to hear your thoughts on this and please highlight any blindspots that I may have.
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2021.10.16 05:18 johnnyle530 Lost My Vaccine Card in Maui. Name Johnny

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2021.10.16 05:18 Brentsilva9989 I was in a Bizarre Convenient Store Robbery a few Years Back. AMA

I made this to discuss an odd robbery I was caught up in a few years ago. I was 22, playing cards in the back room of a convenient store, and we were all victims of a robbery at gunpoint with a handful of strange characters. This is mainly a way for me to revisit the incident and hopefully share some insight on what I learned since then. AMA
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2021.10.16 05:18 rafamts Does the ThinkPad x230 and t430 have the same performance?

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2021.10.16 05:18 _ilikecmyk_ Kris - me - acrylic on canvas - 2021

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2021.10.16 05:18 Sarcastic_Sorcerer WYR earn 10,000,000 dollars a year by watching paint dry for 8 hours a day, or 25,000 a year as a wizard?

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2021.10.16 05:18 comfycessna Week of decaf - hair shedding, constipation

Anyone else experience this when switching? Also my genitals are itching like crazy now.
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2021.10.16 05:18 Second_Woodsman This delightful woman at the Busan night market sold all manner of treats.

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2021.10.16 05:18 be_an11 question about the false dragons

Are all the false dragons really puppets of the white tower? Or was it juts baalzamon trying to create some conflict between rand and the aes sedai I am in great hunt no spoilers please
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2021.10.16 05:18 MJLILY Loki-After-2 Collection BEFORAFTER

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