Smol ComfIna, Takodachi, and Yukidachi Sitting in Front of a Campfire.

2021.10.16 03:46 01000111-G Smol ComfIna, Takodachi, and Yukidachi Sitting in Front of a Campfire.

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2021.10.16 03:46 elenathebat just went through my first week of highschool in a new country

i know its nothing, but it feels like a lot to me. honestly, these past two years everything has been going down hill in my home country and also for my family economically. we left everything behind, everything. everyone and everything ive ever known. i know people move all the time but i honestly didn't expect it to hit me this hard. i felt like sharing since ive talked to a few people around school, found someone to sit with on the bus etc.. i can do this, i believe in myself. thanks for reading, i really hope you have a good day. people are all we have.
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2021.10.16 03:46 Scuba_2 you ever look at something and wonder how it got there

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2021.10.16 03:46 Monf24 [USA-GA] [H] corsair cpu cooler [W]Local, Paypal

Im selling a brand new corsair AIO cooler icue h100i, 240mm radiator, still factory sealed
asking price is 90 with shipping included.
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2021.10.16 03:46 Wormdoodle Why would a three-income or four-income household be separated into married or single taxpayer categories?

A scenario would be old Mom, old Dad, the Son and the Daughter all working full-time and earning separate incomes, but they are all living under the same roof, in the same house. Usually, people would make the Mom and Dad file a married-joint or married-filed-separately tax return, and the 2 grown-up offspring would file as single and as a separate household, even though they share the same physical household. Why do we do this?
Why isn't there an option for multiple income earners in a real physical household?
Is it only because, socially, we treat 2 married people as a couple and want to give that couple special tax benefits?
If we legalize actual polygamous marriages (1 woman with 5 men, 1 man with 5 women, all working), then will we have the need for multiple-income households?
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2021.10.16 03:46 NewCommunityNow 。。。

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2021.10.16 03:46 hmansloth What is something minor which you can base your judgement on someone?

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2021.10.16 03:46 rydoezart Other Noble Pokémon

So it’s been confirmed already that we’ll be getting more wardens. Here, I’ll be discussing more Noble Pokémon (Hisuian Forms) that could appear.
-Arezu’s Noble Pokémon - Hisuian Liligant -???’s Noble Pokémon - Hisuian Arcanine -???’s Noble Pokémon - Hisuian Weavile -???’s Noble Pokémon - Hisuian Braviary
I think the ‘certain lady-like Pokémon’ is probably Liligant, because it’s a Pokémon I don’t see people talking about enough. I DEFINITELY think Hisuian Arcanine will be a Noble Pokémon, it just seems right Hisuian Weavile just because of that one image of a climbing Pokémon Hisuian Braviary because that’s the only Hisuian form Pokémon not to have a Warden associated with it.
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2021.10.16 03:46 frenchvailllnalatte My FaNf oc🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

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2021.10.16 03:46 Smezo Can someone help me with my psychology homework?

Hi. I recently joined a psychology class because it seemed a bit interesting to me. I started around a month ago, as well as the other students in that class. To begin, we learned about the different types of learning perspectives in psychology and different sorts of theories. For some reason, I seemed to struggle to keep up with the class and I didn’t understand as much as my fellow peers.
I saw that this community helps students with their homework. The teacher gave us a task to complete yesterday, it isn’t a big assignment or anything, just something to test us on. The task was based on these different learning perspectives we went through. So even though this is supposed to be easy psychology at the beginning, I’m struggling a bit on how I should answer this task she gave us, I hope some of you can help me.
The context of the task:
Anna does not do quite good in school and is not very social. She enjoys playing the guitar and having a jog in the woods. She has some gloomy thoughts about herself. She thinks that the subjects at school are difficult, and the motivation is low.
Anna spends a lot of time on schoolwork right before assessments, because she is afraid of failing. Verbal assessments are the worst, it reminds her of a performance in middle school where she embarrassed herself in front of everyone.
Anna is interested in psychology and in this subject she does very well. She can easily relate to the topics in psychology, and Anna sits in a group that works well together.
(Task) Use the different learning perspectives in psychology to explain what promotes thriving and interest in the physiology subject and why she struggles in other subjects.
The different learning perspectives in psychology we’ve been through are: behaviorist, cognitive, humanistic, social psychological and biological — perspectives. So I need to use all of these learning perspectives to answer the task.
I would appreciate it so much if someone could help me with the task!
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2021.10.16 03:46 tablesexual Y’all don’t understand how exponents work

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2021.10.16 03:46 HippoDoubleDippo Fan Fiction of Pruflyn Roughripper

The Capital City bustled with life as Hero upon Hero were summoned from the Inner Grove. Pruflyn Roughripper had sailed across the Seas in search of the fabled Portal. In Taverns from far away lands, he had heard many a tale from Warriors and Knights in their drunken stupor. They spoke of exotic delights and powerful potions, found while digging deep into the mines or meandering through the misty swamp. They boisterously proclaimed that they had caught fish as big as men and covered in a thousand poisonous spikes. This appealed to Pruflyn the Pirate.
He heard whispers on his journey across the Seas, from Port to Port, each place a different twist on the same plot. He wondered if the Wizards and Monks truly lived at peace with nature as the stories told. He envisaged how these magical Jewel Gardens glistened in the moonlight.
He carried his trusty Flint-Lock Pistol by his side at all times. He knew nothing kept the Thieves at bay more than the smell of freshly discharged gunpowder. With pockets full of shiny Jewels, Pruflyn knew he had to stay alert at all times as he wondered the streets of the Capital City. He wasn't in the Dark Arctic anymore. There were thieves around every corner, trying to hustle you out of your possessions.
The travels had made him thirsty, but alas the Tavern was undergoing construction and the Ale was yet to flow from its kegs. The people amassed out the front in anticipation. "Wen Tavern?", they chanted. Single Heroes sat and prayed for the opportunity to find a friend to Summon with. Armies of Mercenaries lined up in formation, waiting to spread their essence among the ever-growing population of like minded individuals. When the murmurs among the assembled crowd grew to low lull, there would be an outburst, "Wen Aila?".
The crowd grew impatient, but Pruflyn knew the bounty that lay on the path ahead would be worth the wait. The construction crew were taking every precaution so that when the doors flew open, there would be no tales of lost Heroes being sent into the Abyss of the Almighty Blockchain. Every action would have a reaction, and as the butterfly wings unfurled, the true beauty of this realm was realised. Every master-stroke of creativity lay before them in the warm summer sunshine.
Far from his home, Pruflyn sat in quiet meditation, soaking up the ambience. He knew he would eventually find his Guild. He felt the desire to own Land but not a overarching need for it. He was happy to join the army of mercenaries and go off to battle against the evil forces that looked to corrupt and enslave the masses. Pruflyn was ready for what lay ahead. He shone his rare shiny nature on all that sat around him. He was happy and he brought happiness to all those Heroes sitting out the front of the Tavern. From the newly summoned newbies to the exhausted bunch of Gen 0's.
Empowered by the magical Blockchain adopted by the masses. The History if the future was being created.
By Kevin Chappell
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2021.10.16 03:46 GandalftheGoon1 Animals aren't people

I love animals. I have an aquarium with tropical fish. My gf has a dog thats also my dog and is one of the best dogs I've ever known. Its less than a year and went pheasant hunting for the first time recently and helped get a dozen. It's super smart and strong willed and a fighter.
But it is a dog, not a human. I mean this post for common domestics or wild animals. So I do not generally mean this to consider elephants, tigers, the rare Amazonian frog that there are probably 5 dozen of, ect.
You treat animals different then people therefor the saying "animals are people" or things that are BS. If a dog was at risk of dying but it had a likelihood of killing me in a rescue attempt, I'm not risking my life for a dog. They may attempt the opposite, but my life is worth more than a dog or cat. If i had a pet thats vet bill was over a couple thousand, I'm probably not going to save the dog, I'll put that thing down if its over the age of about 5. Average chance of success? Without a doubt I'm not saving the dog.
I've been infantry in the army and deployed to third world countries. Most people have almost no regard for animals. They are animals.
Animals deserve rights and to be kept in good conditions and so on. But to believe an animal is a person is stupid. And to risk your financial situation of life for one is even more stupid.
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2021.10.16 03:46 LORDOFTHEFATCHICKS What's the deal with the so called "Covid Bracelets"?

So, for a bit of context.
I go to university in Pennsylvania (I'm not going to say which one), in order to enter the building you are needed one of three things or so called 3 prong. Basically, you show you either recovered from covid, vaccinated or recently tested. After you show one of those three you are allowed to enter the building or else not.
Today I come, show the test result and the security guard that checks this stuff gives me afterwards a bracelet. I asked him, wtf is that, and his response was, "just to be sure you have been tested". Of course, I refused to wear it, so at that moment of affect I crush the bracelet and throw it in the trash; in front of the security guard.
He got pissed and said, you either wear the bracelet or you have to wear a mask. I ignored him and walked inside the building, so he ran after me and demanded my name. Of course, I said, what's the problem, I showed the test? He just stood there and afterwards threatened me I'll get in trouble with the university director for this. I dared him to... just then several other students started clapping. One by one they all ripped off their bracelets and threw them in the trash.
I am still baffled of this whole situation since it does not make sense to me. Why wear the bracelet? You have to show already at the entrance of the university one of those three things to enter the building. What's the fuss with this? How can I defend myself if I get in trouble with the university director?
P.s., sorry for my English.
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2021.10.16 03:46 npearson Triumph at Saturn (Part I), JPL Documentary on the Building and Launch of the Cassini Spacecraft

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2021.10.16 03:46 landekeshav5 me_irl

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2021.10.16 03:46 RuralRasta I just need help understanding who Ray Liotta's character is

I checked the internet and he apparently plays "Hollywood Dickie" Moltisanti as well as Salvatore Moltisanti, twin brothers. I am under the impression that Allesandro Nivola's character, also named Dickie Moltisanti, is Christopher's father. Is Ray Liotta's character Chris' grandfathegrand uncle?

I watched the series a couple of times, I followed the stories closely, but I realize I am so not as versed in the scriptures of the original series as some of the respected members of this sub. I'm just sitting down to watch The Many Saints Now, only 10 minutes in, and I'm pretty much understanding who everyone is (Corey Stoll as Jr. is fucking legendary casting btw), I'm just confused about Ray Liotta's character(s). Thanks for any objective answers to this, friends!
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2021.10.16 03:46 Damianlerma If Yair loses to Max is this the fight to make?

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2021.10.16 03:46 Artbookslove Anyone come to the weird realization that Feyre’s ears are pointier than Rhys’…because he’s mixed. I dunno why I find that weird. But there it is.

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2021.10.16 03:46 GenericAnimePoster Corinna
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2021.10.16 03:46 Harnne does this sound like EE? Any help appreciated:(

I'm 24 and already have heart failure, so I'm mega depressed about whatever is happening now...
I have four major symptoms.
-this all started with a feeling like I have constant phlegm in my throat, or between my nose and my throat. When this occurs, there is no relief no matter what I do. This comes and goes on an irregular basis
-This is the big one. It started a few days after the phlegm thing. Basically, it feels like I'm choking on my own throat. It feels like parts of my throat are touching other parts, and it can make me feel like I need to gag, and it also gets worse when I speak. This comes and goes on very regular intervals. Sometimes it goes away completely, and sometimes it comes on super strong and I have it for days. Sometimes it comes and goes throughout a single day.
These next two are minor
-I also get a feeling (around where the soft gushy part of your throat is near your collar bones) that there is a lump. Sometimes I can physically feel it when I drink, and sometimes it feels like I need to gag. Again, this comes and goes.
-I also get a feeling like the skin on the outside if my throat goes really tight and spastic. This doesn't bother me that much, but I figured I'd mention it. I had this feeling a few years ago for a week or two, and then it reappeared now. Not sure if it is connected.
All while this is happening I've had the odd case of itching red eyes, an itching mouth, a slight sore throat, and a hard time swallowing (could have been anxiety). None of these happen on a regular basis. Just a couple times throughout the last few months.
Lastly, I get acid reflux. I dont get it extreme, but I do get it.
My 4 main fears are as follows
-cancer: because it comes and goes I dont think it is cancer. However, I know nothing about esophageal cancer, so what do I know. I worry about it a lot.
Anaphylaxis: Two doctors have told me it doesn't sound like an allergy, and given that this has been happening since August, I'm sure I'd already be dead. However, I know allergies can be fickle, and I'm still scared my throat is just gonna close up completely one day.
-some crazy neurological thing or rare autoimmune disease (besides EE).
-GERD or LPR: this worries me much less than the other ones because it is relatively treatable and won't kill me (at least for awhile lol).
-and finally, EE. My symptoms don't really seem to match up with other EE people I've seen, but that's why I'm making my post. Maybe other people have felt like this. I'm really scared of EE because I don't want to feel like this forever. Like I'm choking on my own throat. Its horrible. Is EE treatable? Does it kill you? Does life go on alright with it?
Sorry for the long post. I've had a bad week, I'm coming off my zoloft, and I have a major essay do, so I'm not handling this well right now. I see the gastro soon for my endoscopy. They have already told me outright they think it is anxiety. I don't believe that at all, and it discourages me because it makes me feel they won't really try to get to the bottom of this. Basically feels like my throat is swelling up inside, and it sticks around for hours regardless of my anxiety level.
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2021.10.16 03:46 seppuku_master No breast milk for you! 🍼 🥛

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2021.10.16 03:46 krispyches been on lexapro for 6-8 weeks? My nails have always been strong, and I take biotin.

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2021.10.16 03:46 LukaMarkovic1995 I am not feeling good in life.

So I had awesome childhood I was always feeling good and happy but I always had those attacks of bad thoughts but I knew how to overcome them and 99% of the time I was feeling happy, fulfilled and strong and was feeling like I can do everything. I was playing the game very good, people were saying I was maybe the best in the country when I was 15, was playing basketball crowd would call my name when I play, handball very good goalkeeper, a lot of things I did I was great at them. I never felt like I did anything bad to anyone and despite that I would do anything to make anyone feel good. Was defending people when they got bullied and was beating up everyone who would come on me, never lost a fight and people attacked me a lot. Had a milion friends of both genders and ages. I felt like I am doing great and I will know what to do in life cuz anything I do is going good, right? But in second grade of middle school I was 14 years old I got a girl that I loved a lot and it was all nice and all that so I stopped going on handball and playing this game just to have more time with her, cuz she was demanding it and I couldn't keep being that bussy so I let go of the training and gaming. Eventually she was demanding from me to stop texting other girls that were my friends, like I had couple very good female friends that would call me, text me, ask me what I'm doing or posting <3 on my fb wall, she wanted me to start gosthing them so I did. This relationship lasted 2 and a half years and in the final grade of high school she left me. I remember last time I've called her, when I heard that it's over for sure, I remember how part of me are going in the sky and I was never the same since. I've ended up drinking a lot and therefore didn't go to school so I needed to go 2 times in the last grade of highschool, also I ended up with 0 female friends, or friends at all, broken ability to love truly and cominicate or even look in to someones eyes, so much insecurity and I don't know how to better explain this but everything feels so hard and bed for me, I feel like my soul is in hell. It's been 7-8 years since then I am writing this feeling down still not back where I was and not close to being better then I was. I just wanna be honestly good for others and for me, I don't want to feel insecure and unmotivated for life, I want to feel that fire inside me and that magic that everyone is carrying inside but all I feel is fucking dark shit. I also have some trippy problems with my eyes I always feel like my eyes are burning, almost always have small haddache and I am always tired. I am questioning every thought I have and for most of them I think they are not right and it's constantly some talks in my head. I wanna relax and live this life that is trully amazing but I literally feel like some spell is casted on me like speel of darkness I don't even know. People should feel good if they are good right?
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