High school / Devil / Magic themed / harem?

2021.10.16 04:20 BCroftY High school / Devil / Magic themed / harem?

this will be quite short as I don't remember much about it but just key parts of the first episode
In 1st scene, the character arrives by train (i think) bumps into a girl that's in who he accidentally knocks over, and gets a panty shot but she has weird "traditional" thick rope panties??? xD .-. I think the girl's carenan is there to pick her up or him not sure think someone had suitcases.
later on when in class he decided he doesn't want to draw attention to himself as he's already gotten a bad rep in the school on the first day and picks that janitor role which just so happens to be a sign of the devil returning (which he just so happens to be but he finds this out later on)
I think students have like these phone-style devices that allow them to communicate and at one point i think a popular chick tries to get him and his friends in trouble with these "changed" beasts or drugged beasts I'm not sure
I think the devil throne thing is under the school as well not sure xD
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2021.10.16 04:20 myninten-mythos [H]Gen 7 / 8 / LGPE Event[W]PayPal(USD Only)

Please be sure to tell us the nature you want to SR. If you don't have the nature you want, please mention it.
Also, please describe the trade method. You can proceed with trade smoothly.
Note: JST 23: 00-6: 00 is sleeping, so we cannot reply to comments.

Note:Payment method:Please in currency USD Only (Not JPY)
Fee calculator(international)https://www.salecalc.com/paypal?p=10&l=us&r=4&e=4.4&f=0.30&m=0&c=1

All event Pokemon dates are in Duration.
①Gen 7 Event (Except for events that are nature locked)
Not save manager
The old event is the name I used to use in the past. "にんてん" And "にんてん(MYTHOS")

PoGo Shiny Cerebi|JPN|OT:Custom|345028|Proof:video|$30USD+fees
It is currently ready for capture.
You can shoot a proof video with your favorite name etc.
The HOME ID is "345028". Only OT can be changed. Language cannot be changed from JPN

JPN 5 set PC Eeveelutions SRing ok 170513|ポケセン proof video self-obtain 1 set for $120USD+fees
☆PC Eeveelutions set purchasers only ☆ ・ Available at the following special prices. JPN Giovanni's Nidoking SRing ok 180120|サカキ proof video self-obtain $11USD+fees
JPN Maxie's Crobat SRing ok 180120|マツブサ proof video self-obtain $11USD+fees
JPN Archie's Mightyena SRing ok 180120|アオギリ proof video self-obtain $11USD+fees
JPN Cyrus's Honchkrow SRing ok 180120| アカギ proof video self-obtain $11USD+fees
JPN Ghetsis's Cofagrigus SRing ok 180120| ゲーチス proof video self-obtain $11USD+fees
JPN PJCS 2018 Golduck Timid Locked ルイ|180609 proof video self-obtain $6USD+fees
JPN PJCS 2019 Nidoqueen Timid Locked 190608|てんさいピィ proof video self-obtain $6USD+fees

(JPN Event)
※As for the boss, there is no set because Lysandre's Mienshao is not enough.

Redemption language tag Event pokemon(bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net Link) Nature OT TID proof History price
JPN Giovanni's Nidoking SRing ok 180120サカキ proof video self-obtain $13USD+fees
JPN Maxie's Crobat SRing ok 180120マツブサ proof video self-obtain $13USD+fees
JPN Archie's Mightyena SRing ok 180120|アオギリ proof video self-obtain $13USD+fees
JPN Cyrus's Honchkrow SRing ok 180120 アカギ proof video self-obtain $13USD+fees
JPN Ghetsis's Cofagrigus SRing ok 180120| ゲーチス proof video self-obtain $13USD+fees
JPN Paredo Pikachu SRing ok 170814|カーニバル proof video self-obtain $30USD+fees
JPN・eng movie Zeraora SRing ok 180713フウラシティ proof video self-obtain $15USD+fees
JPN 2018 Touhoku jirachi SRing ok 180801たなばた proof video self-obtain $15USD+fees
JPN ENG PC shaymin SRing ok 180425|ポケセン proof video self-obtain $15USD+fees
jpn Fuura city Lugia SRing ok 180413|フウラシティ proof video self-obtain $10USD+fees
jpn・eng Snorlax SRing ok にほんばし 180314 proof video self-obtain $10USD+fees
jpn・eng Pikachu SRing ok ポケカフェ180314 proof video self-obtain $10USD+fees
JPN Line rotom SRing ok ククイ 171117 proof video self-obtain $15USD+fees
JPN PJCS 2018 Golduck Timid Locked ルイ|180609 proof video self-obtain $10USD+fees
ENG(name only) st:2 PJCS 2018 Golduck Timid Locked ルイ|180609 proof video self-obtain $10USD+fees
JPN PJCS 2019 Nidoqueen Timid Locked 190608|てんさいピィ proof video self-obtain $10USD+fees
ENG(name only) st:2 PJCS 2019 Nidoqueen Timid Locked 190608|てんさいピィ proof video self-obtain $10USD+fees
JPN Corsola Serious locked はじめ 180114 proof video self-obtain $15USD+fees
jpn stock:2 shiny mimikyu SRing ok ポケセン 170922 proof video self-obtain $20USD+fees
JPN Shiny Silvally SRing ok エーテル 170922 proof video self-obtain $15USD+fees
JPN ENG tag Mew(Pokemon center local wireless ) SRing ok 20TH 980718 proof video self-obtain $20USD+fees
eng NA mimikyu SRing gen7 or home PGL 102618 video proof self-obtain $35USD+fees

(NA Event)
(PAL Event)

(KOR Event)
kor tag Zygarde 180620 제너레이션즈 adamant video proof self-obtain $10+fees
②LGPE / Gen8 / HOME Event(Spreadsheet) all proof video
Not save manager
Details can be found in the spreadsheet.
It is an event of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, Let's Go Eevee and Gen 8

JPN Shiny Zeraora Hasty Locked gen8 or home HOME 200630 proof video self-obtain $12USD+fees
(new 7/8 gen etc(After posting a few posts, go to each list))
Here are the new events that can be offered. However, adding language tags only is not included here.

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2021.10.16 04:20 Adventurous-Ad-432 This is not edited. It’s just matto ‘slightly’ orange

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2021.10.16 04:20 YamiJustin1 I'd love to know if it's possible to pay someone to make glass duplicates of the plastic Infinity Stones in my collectible Infinity Gauntlet.

I'll include a link to my album that shows the stones (they are removable). My life size Infinity Gauntlet is beautiful, a 1:1 replica, but the stones are clearly cheap plastic. I KNOW surely it must be possible to duplicate them with glass. Cast a mold of them? Or am I crazy? I KNOW it would look wayyyy better with hollowed-out glass being lit from within, instead of plastic..
It's the third video, showing how the stones are both removable (to replace the LED) and also hollowed-out plastic. The plastic casing can be completely removed. I figured somewhere, if possible, I could mail in all 6 stones, and someone/some company could replicate the stones EXACTLY the same, but as colored glass so that I could swap em out.
I clearly know nothing about making glass. But it seems simple..
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2021.10.16 04:20 thewirdz NO COPYRIGHT MUSIC // LiQWYD - Summer Nights

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2021.10.16 04:20 XenoverseMain_ New DLC Pack 13 Caulifla Gameplay & Bardock Teaser Trailer

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2021.10.16 04:20 0esterreich What is the fourth most populated country in the world?

Answer: Indonesia (271,350,000 on 31-12-2020)
View Poll
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2021.10.16 04:20 PhoebeTales7 30 [F4M] Anywhere - Atheist scientist nihilist seeks other half

Alright dude, I know chances are you're not ever going to read this. In fact, I'm not altogether certain that you even exist. But even if the odds are infinitesimally small, I figure I've got to try. After all, maybe you've been spending years or possibly decades wondering where the hell I am too. So without further ado, here we go...
Hello void.
First I think I'll start with some bullets, because efficiency is sexy af.

Now, let's get physical... ;)
I'm 5'8 and 140 lbs, with skin that remains impressively white despite the sun's best efforts. My eyes are brown, my hair is brown and thick enough for two, and I'd say my build is athletic-slim with slight curves.
When it comes to sexual attraction, the only constant (which I'll admit is a bit of a bummer) is that I need someone to feel significantly larger than me to feel that primal spark. Believe me, I envy the women who can happily date men who are their height or shorter (so many more potentially awesome partners to choose from!), but we can't help the way we're wired and I've experimented enough times to realize that this just isn't something I can overcome. (It's likely rooted in the fact that I've been my current height since middle school, and towering above everyone for years has left me with hilarious body dysmorphia that makes me feel like a giant among children unless a significant size difference registers in my brain). Typically, this means I'm attracted to dudes who are 5'11+ and stockily built, or dudes who are 6'1+ with a wider variety of body shapes. But sadly no matter the height, the super skinny/lean build probably isn't going to be a sexual match.
Okay, next section: a collection of random thoughts.
Many people think they're unique because they're a mixture of introvert and extrovert. I always chuckle when I come across profiles like this (and promptly swipe left). Same goes for those who "love to laugh" (which is definitionally true of all humans raised by other humans?) and enjoy enjoyable things. But what I am is something that I've yet to come across in another human so far -- a nihilist who wholeheartedly (and perhaps tragically) believes that the "meaning of life" is love. It's a weird combination, I know. Let me explain...
When I read Richard Dawkin's "The Selfish Gene" in college, it was as if a veil was lifted and the world around me suddenly crystalized into a form that finally made sense. As a geneticist, I know that epigenetics are a thing and genes aren't 100% deterministic in the strictest sense. BUT, I think in a looser sense they absolutely are. Sure our environment can have massive effects on our behavior, preferences, and even our genes themselves, but I believe that how we respond to each given situation is driven by the state of our genes in that moment, and so in a way one could argue that they are deterministic after all. What this means is that on an intellectual level I believe things like "altruism is inherently selfish" (i.e. "there is no such thing as a selfless act"), and that we humans have no true "purpose" aside from successfully passing on our genes to the next generation. But unlike many people who might believe these things and have a pessimistic outlook on life as a result, my feelings are quite the opposite. Even if people's kindness to others is fundamentally driven by things like the hope of reciprocation or chasing the satisfying dopamine boost (either internally or through public recognition) of "feeling like a good person", that doesn't diminish how special those acts feel to the person receiving them. The fact that so much good can be done in the world, despite it all happening as a happy accident, is miraculous to me, and is as awe-inspiring as our mere existence.
But the true miracle, the one thing I've never been able to rationally explain, is love. Not infatuation, not lust, not a feeling of owed loyalty that most family members feel toward each other, but that rare, elusive, life-altering experience of true love. Where suddenly colors are richer, ideas burn brighter, and somehow, you find that the happiness of this other human supersedes your own. Even if that means compromise, sacrifice, or ultimately letting them go. Honestly, I think most humans likely aren't wired in such a way that they are even capable of it. And I spend a lot of time wondering how many couples are truly happy. How many of them can say that the sexiest thing about their partner is their mind, or that their partner is always their favorite human. I wonder how many married couples are married because they are secretly (or not so secretly) afraid of being alone, or because their minds are simple enough to enjoy the company of a ton of potential partners, and they married the first one they happened to stumble across. Sometimes I envy those people. Sometimes I wish that I could swallow that blue pill. But if ignorance can be bliss, surely the possibility of reciprocated love after taking the red is the pinnacle of human experience. So here I am, sitting on the floor listening to a symphony of crickets and spilling my most inner thoughts to the internet void, hoping that if I'm diligent enough to post this regularly I might just get lucky one day and win the ultimate jackpot.
If you've somehow made it this far, you might be thinking "Okay sweet, heady stuff check. But what kind of life does this chick want? Are we going to just spend our days laying around on the floor pondering consciousness and human relationships?" To that I say "Well, maybe heh :)", but also...
I want to be grownups with real careers who manage to never let go of our inner child. I want to build blanket forts, invent new games, transform our home into an artsy jungle, and go for nature walks every day. I want to read books together, watch documentaries, and listen to podcasts. I want to share our passionate hatred for those who think they are "punny". I want to sometimes spend an entire weekend watching a show like Parks & Rec in bed surrounded by little balls of fur, and every now and then get way too into some trashy reality show just for the LOLZ (and then not watch another one for at least 8 months). I want to sing together, dance together, and maybe even have our own little music night once a week where we write songs together. I want to always be kind to one another, no matter what. And I want to always be honest with each other, no matter what. I want to preferably live out in nature somewhere (with remote jobs) and build our own little kingdom filled with treasures. And I want to agree that while traveling can of course be a fun time, we can be perfectly content making our own adventures at home (or in nature nearby) every day, and live not just for the big moments, but all the little ones too.
((This would probably be a good time to add that I'm gluten-free (by necessity not as a fad) and super sensitive to the smell of 420 (I don't judge it, it just makes me sick). Also, shitty as it feels to say, experience has taught me that I'm probably not a great match for people with ADD/ADHD, severe anxiety, or chronic depression.))
Oh yeah, and I'm a Tim.
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2021.10.16 04:20 acipppica Hey this NFT project is just starting, come and join our journey full or mystery and excitement. An nft that is filled with its own original lore. Join our community to be kept updated on future announcements. 💬Twitter is @projectfatenft and other links are on the bio

Hey this NFT project is just starting, come and join our journey full or mystery and excitement. An nft that is filled with its own original lore. Join our community to be kept updated on future announcements. 💬Twitter is @projectfatenft and other links are on the bio submitted by acipppica to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 04:20 the__gas__man Help please, I went through an ebay unlock service ....

I got Note 8 from boostmobile few years ago and became frustrated that they would not unlock it after using it with boost for a few years. The issue was that I had been swapping phones on my plan for one day every few months and my note 8 wasn't consecutively active for the year. I became frustrated and decided to try an ebay unlock service. It was only $10. They remoted into my pc with teamviewer and installed software called usb redirector technician edition. They had my plug my phone into the pc usb port and put my phone into service/diag mode. Then they remotely put my phone into upload mode and after about 20 minutes they gave me my unique unlock code for my phone. Sounded great and my phone was unlocked and working with att and red pocket sims. But also now when I do a speed test my ip concerningly shows as "Centennial Puerto Rio" (not a typo) I have not used the phone much at all and would like to fix this somehow. I successfully flashed the firmware to XAA Samsung unlocked N950U1 but still will show up with this odd carrier ip address. Anyone know how to fix this please? thanks
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2021.10.16 04:20 HighOnBonerPills Recorded until the tornado was literally in the room

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2021.10.16 04:20 soulfulsolos White Room Solo

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2021.10.16 04:20 Lasagna_takeout Gang gang

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2021.10.16 04:20 neogrimjaw I didn't expect to win using bow in MH Rise, its my first time using it. Already failed few times using sword.

I didn't expect to win using bow in MH Rise, its my first time using it. Already failed few times using sword. submitted by neogrimjaw to MonsterHunter [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 04:20 chubbyu Two asses immeasurable on your screen!

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2021.10.16 04:20 Radar_4077 A New Idea To Expand Our Sub:

Evening Racers,
It is great seeing the fanbase so active about World Race/Acceleracers being in Hot Wheels Unleashed. This has given me an Idea to keep popularity of the series beyond just a story about interdimensional racing. Assuming many of you here are big motorsport/racing fans and have personal favorites of drivers and other racing personnel who have inspired you, I put forward the idea for the creation of the title of Honorary Acceleracer as an acknowledgment of an individual's hard work and accomplishments for forwarding the cause of motorsports and competition.
This could have been done through their actions competing in a race, never giving up in the face of hard breaks and tough decisions, and their actions within their team on or off the track whether they be driver, mechanic or other team member.
Here's how I think we could go about giving this award out:

  1. Any of us could make a poll for a nomination and if their nomination gets approved it will be put on a bigger list with 4 other nominations. (Like how we do with voting on the best Acceleracers hot wheels car but smaller)
  2. Once 5 nominations have been made then those 5 nominations will be put to a poll that will last 7 days. (To insure the most amount of time our sub members get to vote. This can be changed)
  3. The winning nomination will receive the award.
  4. Then we simply cross post the completed poll to the subreddit that coincides best with who the winning nomination is. (for example like nascar or formula one)
What do you guys think? vote below...
View Poll
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2021.10.16 04:20 Bruin144 Road Runner

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2021.10.16 04:20 TelescopeFeed NASA Awards Audit Services Contracts

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2021.10.16 04:20 DarthNecromancy Today I read about a study in the 1930s that identified the cure for cancer. It's low blood sugar. Does this sound legit to you?

The study claims if the patient achieves low blood sugar, and can sustain it, the tumors will starve and die. I feel like if this was legit we would be doing something with it today. What do you all think?
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2021.10.16 04:20 fishyfishyfish1 But they are saving a life…while ruining another one.

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2021.10.16 04:20 ThingyThinger19 Lincoln's Up Strong hitbox

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2021.10.16 04:20 Reloads7 Waiver denied

My criminal past got my waiver denied. Been on this form for years but just sucks how bad decisions can change everything. Learnt from my mistakes but was wondering if any other branch gives out waivers easier? I heard Air Force does but not sure.
Background: STEM College Degree, D1 wrestler at NC state, auto qual PST times.
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2021.10.16 04:20 nads6ion The first part of TODAY'S livestream is free for everyone (JST starts 18:00 Oct. 16)

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2021.10.16 04:20 yo_guck_fourself (A4A 21+)Fantasy rp (with a possible romance)

Hello, I'm looking a partner for a Fantasy roleplay where I will be playing a humanoid female (or elven male)
A bit about me and my requirements, I'm 25, non-binary, so you must be at least 21 and LGBTQ friendly, I am in MST time if that is relevant to you
I do not have a requirement on post length or frequency so long as we have something to work with and you aren't dropping in once or twice a month then ghosting, I appreciate a little frequency, some times I will message after a few days of silence as a wellness check, this is not me rushing you, I just like to be sure everyone is okay, if it's your thing I'm okay with smut but I don't want it to be the focus
If you have any questions or are interested feel free to message me here or go ahead and add me on discord at Chunt#8464
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2021.10.16 04:20 ijustghostedmyfriend I think I damaged my vocal chords from to much ice water. what should I do to heal it?

I know that sounds wierd, but apparently to much cold water can constrict your vocal chords. Basically over the summer i drank ice water all the time instead of regular water. Now my voice sounds like shit and I can barely talk loud. What should I do to heal it?
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