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about even following/follower numbers (guide?)

2021.09.18 22:07 alohavenus about even following/follower numbers (guide?)

about even following/follower numbers (guide?) Hello, I'm datings on Depop and I personally like to keep my followefollowing ratio even. Here's a quick guide on how I do that.
I realize everyone might not feel the same way but I'm just gonna share this for people looking to weed out people who aren't following you back. In order to do this, you'll need to get on the web version of Depop as well as the mobile version. You'll also need this website called ListDiff.
First I copy ALL of my followers and paste that into "List A" on ListDiff, I then copy my following and paste it into "List B." After that just hit compare lists and see what usernames (the names with @ before them) come up in the B only box below.
Hopefully, this helps someone. I am personally just irritated that people are following and then unfollowing people to make it look like their numbers are bigger and thinking no one will notice.
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2021.09.18 22:07 Mindless-Room-1295 Opinion on this

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2021.09.18 22:07 Designer_Trifle1072 Thank you Hamza_ who helped guide me thru to get my main 8bp account back all in one piece! Thanks bro

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2021.09.18 22:07 Get__R3kt Hmm yes mentally ill, sorry for not going for the 0/10 spike *cough cough*

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2021.09.18 22:07 halfbakedredhead Looking for a good and cheap PC headset for less than 50U$D!

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing alright...
By any chance, is there any headset do you recommend that is as economical as possible without sacrificing decent sound (the flatter, the better) with a good microphone quality?
I already have some EqualizerAPO'd Sony ZX110 without mic, and a pair of KZ ZSN Pro that don't work with my PC, and I want something I can use to play, listen to music and talk in Discord without much hassle, for the price of something like the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core...
PD: If they can be tuned with this, it's okay: https://www.reddit.com/audioengineering/comments/92ciq3/eq_settings_for_700_headphones_xpost_from/
Thanks and take care!
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2021.09.18 22:07 zerosdenneh Problems with OTP

Got a problem with the OTP haven't played for awhile and forgot where the OTP is at, i looked on my authenticator and it was there, but it doesn't work for some reason, so my account is pretty much lost.
anyone who has some tips?
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2021.09.18 22:07 jaydubya123 Cialis daily

I told my doctor that I (42m I’m not good shape) was having difficulty getting and maintaining erections. We discussed and decided on Cialis because I wanted something to take daily, not as needed because it worked out better for my sex life. He prescribed me 20mg daily. I’m doing a little research and it looks like most people are talking about 2.5 or 5mg for daily use. I’m concerned that 20mg is too much. I just started taking it yesterday morning and only took 1/2 a pill (10mg) yesterday and this morning. Should I be taking 20mg daily? Should I continue to take 10mg? Should I be having him give me an even smaller dose?
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2021.09.18 22:07 bad-gamer35 Simple Cosmopolitan

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2021.09.18 22:07 Karotte313 Prescription Lab Glasses

Do any of you have experience with prescription lab goggles? Any brand or website recommendations? Any ratings I should look out for (eg. ANSI Z87.2 etc). I need them for my Uni lab classes and the only information i got is:

You will need a white LAB COAT and SAFETY GOOGLES in order to enter the lab and do experimental work. This is your responsibility to have.

Thank you!
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2021.09.18 22:07 Brombeerweinschorle What's going on with this dress and it's color?

Apparently there was a mystery about the color of this dress? Huh? I don't get it at all. Can anyone explain to me what it is about this dress and the color?
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2021.09.18 22:07 shantysweet My grandpa aged 16, 1955.

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2021.09.18 22:07 TheMagicalTimonini Honestly one on one times were some of my best

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2021.09.18 22:07 ahf99 Apple TV plus app Dolby Atmos vs 5.1

I have Samsung QLED TV and Q70T soundbar which has Dolby Atmos , apple tv plus app on the TV doesn't support Atmos, is it worth to buy apple 4k TV just to watch apple tv plus content on Atmos or it doesn't matter because atoms overhead is not good on the Q70T soundbar ?
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2021.09.18 22:07 Ornery_Ad9791 One of the legendaries ends in 7 mins 0563 6132 6310

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2021.09.18 22:07 GophryLolton Anyone else not able to get the half price on the Into the Breach supporters bundle?

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2021.09.18 22:07 Hoopfer Final injury report with game designations (both teams)

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2021.09.18 22:07 ladrac1 Gus, don't be exactly half of an 11 pound black forest ham

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2021.09.18 22:07 Alternative_Slide840 PS4 need lock or spot up for 3s. Msg me 70w% playshot

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2021.09.18 22:07 MagicDustTrip Sliding doors

Hi everyone, rn I want to make a sliding car door (like the one that Lamborghini has), and if facing some nasty thing, right away when I spawn my car, door looks like it's ready to just fall apart from the vehicle(like it's wiggly, and not lined up with neighbor blocks), how do I prevent this, any suggestions?
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2021.09.18 22:07 crazyGenZ2001 😎 ah yeah!! 😂

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2021.09.18 22:07 Comfortable_Tart_297 But has he?

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2021.09.18 22:07 DidDoneDarn What concept car should have come into production but didn’t?

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2021.09.18 22:07 fainting--goat I think I'm dating a goose

Okay, so to start with, my boyfriend hates birds. Yes. I know. Why would I date someone with so obvious a character flaw? But honestly, I didn’t know how bad it was at first. It was just this little quirk, like lol you don’t like this cute little robin? Who doesn’t like cute little robins? He’d complain about how they were dirty and obnoxious and I’d write it off as nothing more harmful than a pet peeve like disliking the noise of other people chewing or hating the word ‘moist.’
Also, in my defense, we were only dating for a few months before I saw how bad it was.
Like, he legitimately hates birds. And I think his hatred is proportional to size because with the small neighborhood birds it wasn’t a big deal. But I remember the first time we were at a park and there were some pigeons crowding around the sidewalk. I was like, aww, they want food, and then BAM. This rock comes flying past me and lands in the middle of the flock. So they all take off in a panic and I turn around to find him standing there with this ugly look on his face. All twisted up.
That was our first fight. I told him that was a cruel thing to do, he defended it by saying pigeons are nothing but dirty flying rats. I finally resorted to saying he scared me by throwing the rock past me with no warning and besides that, I didn’t hate birds and I was upset by people being mean to them. So he apologized and said he wouldn’t do that anymore.
So a bit of a red flag there. But I didn’t have any other obvious reasons to dump him yet, so I tentatively stayed in the relationship. Maybe he had some issues with birds, I thought. Let’s be honest - some birds can be mean. Maybe he was attacked by a swan as a child or something. He seemed willing to compromise with me and work on it, so that was a positive sign.
Things were pretty good after that. He has a really great sense of humor. He’s mischievous. Likes to play pranks - harmless ones, though. The kind that make me laugh. And he doesn’t overdo it, either. He knows where the line is. I like that about him. He’s actually really clever and keeps surprising me with what he’s going to do or what plans he’s got when we go out.
Look at me, referring to him in the present tense. I just… it doesn’t feel real. I keep wondering if I was wrong about that day and maybe everything is okay.
It started with the geese. Canadian geese, to be exact. And this is really upsetting and I’m sorry, but I need to tell you everything so you understand what’s happened to us.
We were going to the store together. He was driving his truck and he liked to park way far out to keep it away from other cars, so he dropped me off at the front entrance so I wouldn’t have to walk so far. I made it only a few feet to the front door when I realized my purse was open and it didn’t weigh as much as it should. A quick check confirmed that my wallet was gone - it had probably fallen out when I pulled it out of the truck after me. I turned to follow him to wherever he parked so that I could retrieve it.
There was a goose in the parking lot. It caught my eye as I crossed the street because of how it was standing all by itself. It was skinny and dirty. We don’t really see solitary geese around here like that. It stood in the middle of a bunch of empty spaces, head stretched as high as it could, and it kept pivoting about. It made one lonely cry at regular intervals.
Like it was searching for something.
I couldn’t help but feel sorry for it. It seemed so lost.
And then I heard an engine rev and saw my boyfriend’s truck swerve across two empty rows of parking spaces, swinging the front bumper straight towards the goose. I gasped in horror and covered my mouth with both hands. The goose took flight, barely getting out of the way before the truck plowed through where it had just been. And fortunately, it kept going, flying away as it screeched angrily at its attacker. My boyfriend corrected the truck back into the aisle and then turned into a parking spot and stopped the vehicle.
And at that moment, I remembered how earlier this summer a bunch of geese had been killed on the road. It’s the main road leading past the grocery store. Four lanes. Right where the speed limit goes up to 45mph. There’s a couple runoff ponds next to the parking lot and so of course the geese love it there. There’s signs up to not feed them so they don’t get aggressive and people respect that. We leave them alone and they leave us alone. But sometimes they do cross the road and it’s a big hold-up as all four lanes come to a stop, because everyone complains about the geese but no one wants to actually hit them.
Except one day someone did. Someone swerved - and you can see the tire tracks where they cut across the other lane and into the middle turn lane - to hit a flock of geese. And not just any geese.
Juveniles that were too young to fly.
They killed one adult and four juveniles. Just left them strewn across the road and drove off. It was so upsetting to see and I was so angry at whoever had done it.
I didn’t think much of it at the time, but my boyfriend cleaned his car really well shortly after that. I remember him showing up at my house and his pickup was cleaner than I’d ever seen it. I guess I never made the connection between those poor geese dead on the road and his pickup truck until after the incident in the parking lot.
I was so angry. He’d promised me. And it was obvious that he wasn’t honoring his promise to me, he was just making sure he didn’t do anything cruel when I was around to see it. Not only that, he was a lot worse about birds than I realized.
I went back inside the store, heart pounding, and waited a few more minutes. Then I went back out, found his car, and retrieved my wallet. When he asked me why I was so ‘out of it’ in the store I told him a friend of mine had called while he was parking the truck and asked if I’d help her repaint her living room and now I was stuck with helping her.
“You shouldn’t be so nice,” he chided.
At least the lie gave me an excuse to be away from him for a few days. I could do some soul-searching and decide how I would go about dumping him. I mean, someone that’s casually violent towards animals like that - it’s not good.
It’s stressful enough, figuring out how to end a relationship, but then it got worse.
The next morning there was a goose in my front yard. Kind of skinny. Very dirty. I swear it was the same goose from the parking lot. I gasped and jerked away from the window as its head snapped around to stare at me.
I told myself I was being ridiculous. It was just a lost goose. So I looked again and it was gone.
But a few minutes later I heard something rapping on the front door.
I know, this is ridiculous. But I swear I was being stalked by this goose. It stayed at the door, rapping it with its beak, and finally after about twenty minutes of this I decided I’d had enough. I’d go out there and chase it off, I thought, and if that didn’t work I’d call animal control or something. It didn’t belong here. There was no water in this neighborhood for it to wade around in or something.
I threw the front door open and the goose hastily retreated off the front porch. It stood on the walkway up to my house, staring at me. So I advanced on it - carefully - waving my arms and yelling for it to shoo. And reluctantly, honking in irritation at me the whole time, it moved away. It seemed like nothing more than a normal goose, honestly. I decided I was imagining things and went about my day. It stayed out there in the front yard, occasionally honking pleatively.
Like it was looking for something. Just like in the parking lot.
I keep wondering if there was another adult with those birds that were killed on the road.
Things got worse after sunset. I checked one last time out the window and sure enough, the goose was still there. I didn’t think anything more of it. My mind was now preoccupied with worrying about my impending breakup. I’d decided that I’d break up with him over the phone, which is shitty, but I didn’t want to make a scene in a public place and I sure as hell wasn’t going to be alone with him if he was violent towards animals. I knew it had to be done, but it still hurt to come to that conclusion. I cried myself to sleep.
Which didn’t last long. I was woken barely an hour later by something tapping my window. Nervously, I sat up and grabbed my phone. It didn’t sound like a person. It sounded like… the goose. Like when it had been rapping its beak on my front door. But why would it be doing that to my window and at night?
Reluctantly, I raised the blinds. My heart hammered in my chest. And staring back at me through the glass was the goose. Only its head was visible over the edge of the window frame.
“Go away!” I shrieked, and lowered the blinds again.
But it didn’t. It kept tapping. I moved to the living room to sleep on the sofa. It followed me, rapping on the window there. I went outside to chase it off again. It went to the edge of the yard, waited until I fell asleep, and then came back. The goose would not let me sleep and every time I moved to a different room, it followed me. Finally, around midnight, I got some ear plugs and that did the trick.
For a little bit, at least.
I was woken by a sharp crack, loud enough to get through the foam stopping up my ears. I was instantly awake but for a moment I couldn’t move, frozen in terror. My window. The noise had come from my window.
Another crack. Like ice splitting when it thaws. I tumbled out of bed, heart pounding, and grabbed my phone with shaking hands. I had to call the police. But I paused, because there was a lull, and in it I heard a soft noise.
A hiss.
It was the fucking goose.
So I raised the blinds and sure enough, there it was, staring at me with that beady eye. I was starting to understand why my boyfriend hated birds.
The pane of glass in my window was cracked. The goose was pecking its way in.
“He’s not here!” I shrieked. “He lives elsewhere!”
And I stormed to my home office, wrote down his address on a piece of paper, and returned to the bedroom. It must have followed us home, I thought furiously. My boyfriend dropped me off first, after all. And then it must not have realized that he doesn’t live here. I returned to the bedroom and plastered the piece of paper onto the window so the goose could see it.
I know. I know. But it was four in the morning, okay? I was really tired and not thinking straight. But I swear to you, the goose just stared at the note for a moment, and then it turned and left. Flew away. I heard its wings. And it didn’t come back.
I didn’t sleep well that night. In the morning I called my boyfriend. I needed to break up with him, after all, but… I also wanted to make sure he was okay.
He didn’t answer. I waited an hour and tried again. Still no answer. He wasn’t answering my texts either. I couldn’t dismiss my concerns as mere paranoia anymore, as it was well past the time he was usually up.
I’d just swing by and check on him, I thought. I’d pick up some coffee on the way over and pretend it was to surprise him. Then I’d leave to “help my friend paint” and break up with him that afternoon. I just needed to make sure. After the night I’d had, I was a bundle of nerves.
He lives in an apartment. It’s a decent place. Cheaply built, of course, but it’s new and everything is sleek and modern looking. He’s on the third floor. I climbed up the exterior stairs and knocked. No answer.
So… I let myself in. He gave me a key fairly early on in the relationship, maybe hoping I’d give him a key to my place in exchange. (I never did, my standards of trust are a bit higher I guess)
There was a horrible smell in the air. I almost gagged. Like a butcher’s shop. I was shaking, but I stepped inside, leaving the door partially open behind me. I tentatively called his name.
Then a rustling from the bedroom.
What I saw is burned in my head. I’ll never forget it. It’s the one thing I keep clinging to, when I think perhaps this was all just some strange dream. I was there. I saw him. Or rather, what was left of him.
The window was broken. The glass lay strewn all over the floor. And he lay face-down on the floor, his skin deflated like an empty sack. There was a slit all along his back, where the spine used to be. And the rest of him was piled neatly on the floor. A heap of muscles and organs and bones. His brain was near the bottom of the pile, shining slickly in the sunlight.
His skin rustled. There was something inside it. I was frozen in place, standing in the doorway, too terrified to move. I don’t even remember what I was thinking at that moment. It was like everything had shut down and I could only remain petrified, watching as his skin jiggled and swayed like something was crawling around inside it.
The slit along his back slipped open. I saw what was inside.
The goose. But it wasn’t a goose any longer. Its body was growing, the skin splitting apart to reveal sleek muscle beneath. There was no blood, like this was a planned transformation, like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon. Its feathers molted and its hind legs cracked open, stretching downwards to slip into my boyfriend's empty legs like it was putting on a pair of pants. Its wings shifted out to either side, the primary feathers separating like fingers.
Then he raised his head and smiled at me. The same smile he’d give me when he was up to something.
I was finally freed from my trance. Panic took over. I fled the apartment, fled to my car, and was down the street before I realized I couldn’t just leave like that. My boyfriend was dead. Something was inside him. I called 911 and told them I thought something had happened to my boyfriend, that he wasn’t answering his phone and I saw a broken window.
They came and I waited anxiously at the far end of the parking lot as the police officer went up to the third floor apartment. I saw the door open and my boyfriend stuck his head out. They talked. And the police officer came back to where I stood by the car, crying silently, and told me everything was fine. The window was broken by some kids playing baseball in the parking lot, my boyfriend had claimed, and his phone was out of battery. He was sorry for worrying everyone.
But the smell, I thought wildly. Didn’t the officer smell it? What was left of my boyfriend?
I stayed by the car until the police officer left. I didn’t go up to his apartment. I looked though and there he was, by the railing. He raised a hand, waved at me, and went back inside.
I haven’t broken up with him yet. At first, I was too afraid. Would it kill me too? Then he showed up at my house with a sack of ingredients, saying he was there to make dinner, and I didn’t know what to do but let him in. I was too scared to say no. I just sat there in the living room, watching him as he prepared eggplant parmesan because apparently he’s a vegetarian now, he says. We had dinner, it was fine, he acted like he always has.
Except. He likes birds now.
In fact, he loves them. He asked if he could hang a bird feeder at my house since I actually have trees near the building and he’ll go out there and talk to them and I swear they’re talking back. I’ve even seen them land on his hands and shoulders.
That’s not my boyfriend. I know it’s not. But… I like him. He makes me laugh. I don’t really mind not eating meat, either. He’s been teaching me how to cook vegetarian meals. Sometimes I see him look out the window though, towards the sky, and he looks so sad. Then he realizes I’m watching him and he smiles and acts like nothing is wrong.
Sometimes I look at him and I see my boyfriend’s bedroom again, covered in blood. I see his smile, staring up at me from the floor, as the rest of his body wriggled and writhed as its new occupant put him on. My chest feels tight and I feel numb and he… that thing… takes my hands and tells me that it’s all okay now. That he loves me. And I’m too scared to say that I can’t keep acting like he isn’t something else.
And now one of my friends let slip that he’s been asking around about my ring size.
I don’t know what to do.
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