Big Tech grapples with Russian internet crackdown during election

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doesn't show the right map and I've tried many ways to fix it, deleted NPC locations, tried updating mods that show they need to be updated even though they won't give an update. I and my friend are using the exact same mod folder for it as well and it still is glitched for me.
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2021.09.18 22:28 Conscious_Net7130 Sons of Garmadon: Breaking the Mask of Ninjago(3rd Ninjago Analysis/Review, Part 1)

Sons of Garmadon: Breaking the Mask of Ninjago(3rd Ninjago Analysis/Review, Part 1) Initial Notes: This is my third deep and full analysis of Ninjago and it is for Season 8: Sons of Garmadon. Due to its length, it will be split up into two parts(this is part 1). For the complete version on google docs, you can find a link to all my current Ninjago analyses in Part 9.
Sons of Garmadon: Breaking the Mask of Ninjago
Part 1: My First Impressions My first experience with Sons of Garmadon
Sons of Garmadon was my second most hyped-up season ever, and I’m glad that it lived up to the hype. The lead-up to the season was probably the craziest ever. The SDCC preview of the season appeared in 2017, long before the season aired. Of course, this preview also revealed the design changes, one of the most hotly contested things in the show even to this day. Initially, I wasn’t too on board. I didn’t understand the purpose of them, and I very much preferred the old designs for a good while. However, with the release of several incredible trailers leading up to the airing of the season, I simply didn’t even care about the design changes anymore because of how cool the story looked. It was extremely hype-inducing— I rewatched the teaser trailers so many times and each rewatch made the season look better. The teaser trailer on the quiet one, in particular, simply blew my mind back then. Before watching Sons of Garmadon, Hands of Time had been my favorite season(this was before I even compared the seasons; my actual favorite was probably ToE but I thought HoT was my favorite). Immediately after watching SoG, though, it became my favorite season. The second half of the season in particular was really, really special. Since this section of the review is more personal, I also want to talk about how I first felt about various aspects of the season when they first aired. The flashbacks with Wu were incredible scenes to me, and I eagerly awaited Zane’s flashback after first seeing Cole’s in episode 76. Unfortunately, the quiet one twist never got me thanks to episode descriptions and Ninjago YouTubers. I thought it was Hutchins for a while, but the evidence was eventually so stacked against me that I knew it would be Harumi. Fortunately, the degree of the reveal still blew me away. Finally, I was relatively anxious about how Garmadon would be portrayed with his revival. I didn’t know how they could pull off Garmadon’s return without making it seem awkward, but they certainly proved me wrong. Sons of Garmadon eventually left on a cliffhanger, and I was excited(but not that hyped up) for Hunted. Although Sons of Garmadon would lose its first-place position in my ranking, it remains one of my favorite installments of the show. It was second on my ranking for a long time, and I’ve defended the season countless times against post-movie haters. Unfortunately, though, I can’t stand it when people call this season “objectively” the best. It shines in many aspects, but no season is “objectively” the best when everyone has such different preferences. I may personally feel that my favorite season is the best for me by a good amount, but I don’t think it’s “objectively” the best by any means. This “objectivity” statement occurs for a lot of seasons, but I see it referred to for SoG the most and I am quite frankly tired of hearing it. It has somewhat soured the image of the season for me, but I definitely won’t take this into account during the analysis. While the season sits at third today for me, it definitely remains incredible.
Part 2: External Factors Discussion of factors outside of the plot
2a: Breaking the Mold
Sons of Garmadon is 100% the season that broke the mold of Ninjago. It takes the common premise of the previous seasons and completely flips it on its head. A video by Hfmasters perfectly demonstrates the vast similarities between seasons 4 and 8— both have the ninja getting invited, both have the ninja searching for a team member, Cole finds the team member, and the “love interest” of each season turns evil. However, I don’t think a single person thinks that season 8 is a ripoff of season 4 given how different they actually are. Going back to the premise of the season, it appears to be following the exact formula that most of the seasons from 1-7 follow. Villain(s) appear out of nowhere, they try to bring back a greater evil using magical artifacts and succeed in doing so. The big difference is that the ninja don’t win in the end, but the villains do. It completely breaks the mold and leads the show into a new and fresh path.
2b: Animation Boost
The animation of the season is greatly improved from seasons 1-7 and I don’t think that’s very unpopular. The city is absolutely gorgeous and a good number of fight scenes in the season are fast and energetic. While they aren’t quite as good as the Wildbrain fights for me, they still serve their purpose very well. This season also has some of the best directing of the show with the aforementioned fast-paced fight scenes and beautiful shots.
2c: Darker Tone
Personally, Sons of Garmadon is the darkest season of Ninjago. While the plot of Hunted is darker in my opinion, Sons of Garmadon is overall darker to me for revealing Harumi’s motivation. I will go more in-depth on it later on in the review, so I’ll just say that SoG is the darkest season to me for now due to its already dark plot, devastating results, and characterization of Harumi.
2d: Post-Movie Changes
\This part will probably get heated for those who don’t like or don’t prefer the post-movie changes, so do skip if needed.** Nonetheless, I absolutely love almost every change that the movie brought to the show. Of course, the designs were hard to get used to at first, but I now prefer every single ninja redesign to their old counterparts. Personally, all of them give much better character and distinction to the ninja and the old designs look basic when directly compared(they were still fine though). As for airjitzu and elemental dragons, I don’t mind that they are gone. The story is much more grounded and their inclusion would have made little to no difference in the grand scheme of things. Although these abilities definitely would and could have changed the course of the season, I still feel that getting rid of them was the right move. With all this positivity for the changes said though, I have to say that the implementation of these changes was not well done. I will talk more about this in the discussion of the premiere, but I genuinely think that the changes were implemented in one of the worst ways possible.
Part 3: The Premiere Breakdown of “The Mask of Deception” scene by scene
3a: Transitioning the Show
I didn’t really want to start the analysis negatively, but I kind of feel that I have to. This episode does not do a good job of transitioning the show at all for me. During my first viewing of the season back in 2018, I actually didn’t mind the transition. I never understood the people who complained about “SoG not letting the changes sink in” for a long time, but my rewatch of the entire series in June of 2021 showed me their perspective. The transition from season 7 to 8 is so abrupt, and it even took me time to process the changes despite already avidly knowing and supporting the post-movie changes. It may work better when watching the season alone, but I feel that it doesn’t work well when watching seasons back-to-back. For old and new fans alike, I just don’t think it works in general. While new fans have pretty much no idea what is going on at first, old fans aren’t eased into the new changes and are instead shoved into them. I don’t want to sound too negative in this portion of the analysis, but I do want to go into why I feel the transition fails for me and a lot of people. Fortunately, the rest of the season doesn’t have to worry about this problem as much and can thus focus on the plot.
3b: The Heist
This premiere has the responsibility of reintroducing the characters in the new style and easing things in, but it chooses to start with a heist scene… This would work for almost any other season of the show, but this was possibly the worst time ever to have the heist scene. Before I go into the negatives though, I still have to praise the cinematography of the scene itself. It is a beautiful scene and does a great job of setting up the plot of the season. Onto the negatives… Instead of allowing for the characters to be eased into the story, the episode chooses to give an action sequence. The scene feels very random and disconnected, with an abrupt introduction of Lloyd and Mr. E. Lloyd immediately acts like the leader of the team despite him having trouble leading in season 7. While it makes sense for him to grow as a leader in the one-year time difference, there is no specific indicator on why this happens throughout the episode or the season.
3c: Reintroducing the Ninja
The episode then reintroduces the five other ninja in strange ways. Nya’s reintroduction is interesting, but I still believe that introducing all of the ninja together at the beginning of the episode would be better as it would highlight the existing traits and dynamics more to the viewer. Unfortunately, Jay and Cole’s reintroduction is easily my least favorite. They are good friends, but the scene doesn’t give me the impression that they are and they come off as annoying(something that hasn’t happened since season 3). Also, I despise the line, “we could look totally different and not even know it”. This single line has sparked up so much confusion and debate in the community when in reality the ninja changed naturally. This constantly occurs throughout the episode, as the ninja don’t seem to outright address changes but instead tiptoe around giving explanations for them. In doing so, only more confusion is created and nothing is ever eased in. The final introduction is Kai and Zane’s, which I actually found pretty decent with the nice appearance of the mechanic.
3d: Meetup of the Ninja
This scene does a pretty good job of reintroducing the team together, but I still think they could have done more. Even through saying a few throwaway lines, they could explain several changes such as the ninja changing appearances, choosing not to use abilities, and their new abilities(i.e. Zane’s cloaking). The dialogue could get cheesy and strange at times if this was the case, but I believe a scene like this that serves as an introduction should clarify things up before the real action begins.
3e: Introducing the Royal Family
Hutchins and the royal family are also introduced strangely, although I’m not entirely sure how this could be corrected or improved. It is part of the inevitable exposition of the season, so I can’t say anything too good or bad about it. I do appreciate the firecracker moment in the scene though as it is the first instance of Harumi’s planning. By sending off a false alarm, she allows the ninja to gain the trust of Hutchins and therefore gets herself close to the ninja with Hutchin’s approval. Nya’s discourtesy towards the royal family is also interesting to me as her story from season 5 seems to carry through. She values taking the harder path from Possession and therefore doesn’t have respect for those gifted with riches.
3f: Hutchins is Sus
Hutchins then introduces the ninja to the palace, and he is a character… I have to admit that he got me as a red herring for a bit when watching the season for the first time, but his portrayal is very strange on rewatches. Due to how little is made of his character, it somewhat confuses me as to why he seemed like such a big deal in the beginning. I wholeheartedly enjoy the quiet one twist, but I don’t appreciate it when things are sacrificed to make the twist.
3g: Lloyd Sneaks Around…
During Hutchin’s talk with the ninja, Lloyd wanders off and looks into Harumi’s room. I just don’t know what the purpose of this scene was. It paints Lloyd as creepy and I don’t think including this scene furthers any plot point or characterization overall. It honestly just feels like negative characterization for Lloyd for no particular reason. The episode ends with Lloyd looking for Harumi, with the shattering of glass as a catalyst. Once again, some more subtle planning of Harumi is brilliantly showcased as the shattering was likely done on purpose to draw Lloyd’s attention, thus allowing for the two to have their subsequent scene in the next episode.
3h: My Thoughts on the Premiere
It’s probably extremely obvious by now, but I just really don’t like the premiere of the season. I’m sorry that this part of the review is much less analytical and more “review-ish”, but I wanted to go more in-depth on why I feel this premiere fails. Ultimately, this is the episode that people watch to see if they want to get back in the show after the redesigns. When these old fans see how poor the transition is, they get immediately turned away and many assume that everything after the movie is just like this. Through this section, I wanted to understand and look into their perspective as I defend post-movie Ninjago 99% of the time. Don’t worry though, as the rest of this analysis will for sure be much more positive and analytical.
Part 4: “The Jade Princess” - “Dead Man’s Squall” Breakdown of various aspects of the plot in “The Jade Princess”, “The Oni and the Dragon”, “Snake Jaguar”, and “Dead Man’s Squall”
4a: The Biker Gang
The Sons of Garmadon biker gang is… decent. I like the individuality in the gang with the three generals and Luke Cunningham, but the entire group is lacking motivation apart from Harumi. A specific interaction comes to mind between Chopper Maroon and Mohawk when they discuss bringing back Garmadon. Chopper Maroon says, “It’ll be good to see Lord Garmadon again”, to which Mohawk responds, “You mean it’ll be bad”. It just irks me a ton to see that the villains know that their actions are wrong and are doing things because “they are bad”. Even a small explanation such as “they grew up in difficult environments” would allow for a tiny bit of motivation within the gang. As of now, they’re just “we’re evil because we’re evil” and are easily one of the least complex villainous factions of the series.
4b: Lloyd and Harumi’s “Relationship”
Episode 76 begins Lloyd and Harumi’s relationship, starting off when they visit the canals of Ninjago city. The thing that I fully appreciate about this relationship is that it is cliche on purpose. In doing so, the twist of the quiet one is so much more impactful because it completely subverts the expectations of the trope. The relationship is also very well portrayed in episode 76, as the two genuinely bond over the concept of masks. Although Lloyd doesn’t know Harumi’s true intent, he is still hearing part of the truth from her. This “double dialogue” from Harumi is especially prevalent in these episodes and serves as some fantastic foreshadowing for the twist.
4c: Assault on the Palace
Unfortunately, I’m not a big fan of Hutchins at all. Unlike many other aspects of the season such as Lloyd and Harumi’s relationship and the general plot structure, Hutchins is portrayed as cliche but there is no payoff to this. He never breaks the mold and this ultimately results in a bland and stereotypical “guardian” character. I also am not a fan of how he is portrayed as sus(picious). I love the twist of the quiet one, but I still believe that nothing should be sacrificed to make the twist. When the SoG assault the palace, Hutchins has the typical redemption story for his type of character and finally trusts the ninja. In this case, Hutchins is portrayed as more untrustworthy at first in order to “trick” the viewer and it harms his character in the long run. The “mold” of the character type is never broken since the “guardian” figure eventually gains trust in the people he is “guarding” from. Shifting to a pro of the scene, I want to take this time to appreciate the SoG musical theme as it is absolute genius. By simply taking the three-note leitmotif of Garmadon, the composers created a theme that is both catchy and dangerous. It is easily one of the most genius themes of the show simply for this fact. It’s one of those things in the show where I find myself asking how they even pulled this off in the first place. The theme is especially present during the assault on the palace, representing the SoG’s takeover. After the attack, Harumi’s adoptive parents are revealed to be dead along with Hutchins. It is a very dark moment and sets up the tone for the rest of the season perfectly.
4d: Rocky Dangerbuff and Snake Jaguar
In these episodes, Zane and Cole work together to infiltrate the SoG’s trust and their dynamic is hilarious. From the way they walk to the way Cole says “I’m going inzane!'', the entire plotline highlights their dynamic perfectly. However, while I enjoy this plotline, I do unfortunately believe that there is some missed potential in it though…
4e: Cole and the Baby
The missed potential is definitely not in Cole’s story. His flashback in episode 76 begins his journey in the season, as he promises to take responsibility and find Wu. Beyond this though, the flashback also sets up great stories for him in Hunted and Master of the Mountain. When Cole does find Wu in episode 78, I appreciate that Cole fully loves and takes care of the baby before the reveal of the twist. It just goes to show how much compassion he has and that he would protect any innocent child with his life.
4f: Tale of Creation
The main new lore added in this season is in the form of the tale of the oni and the dragon. The scene in episode 77 is especially beautiful as the 2D art style gives off a “legendary” and “ancient” feel. It also fleshes out the balance a lot more because it explains the need for balance in the realm of Ninjago through the oni and the dragons’ war. While the oni theme isn’t introduced in this scene, I would like to talk about it here because it is incredible. I love how ominous, dangerous, and mysterious it feels, and it would eventually contrast beautifully with the bright, proud, and grand theme of the dragons.
4g: Zane Races Mr. E
Zane’s story is the one that I feel has a ton of missed potential, but it’s still decent nonetheless. The intensity at the end of the race is extremely high, and Zane vs. Mr. E is a stunning and brutal fight to watch. It’s one of the few times in the show where a hero gets completely beat up in a fight scene(funny how most of this happens in season 8). With these positives in mind, I will go over a bit of the “missed potential” here. I’m overall not a fan of Zane’s choice in episode 77 to let go of Mr. E, as it shifts the plot to a more “mysterious side” rather than progressing it further(this will be touched upon more when I get into my complaints/improvements for the season). Getting ahold of the mask and Mr. E had a lot more story potential and was better strategically in my opinion. Moreover, Zane’s flashback is the only “wasted” flashback for me. It does explore the origin of Zane’s powers, but it doesn’t do much else. Zane does do “great things” in episode 78, but there isn’t much purpose as to why he’s doing it. In fact, it almost goes against his character as it is claimed that he is powered by his friends in the earlier seasons. To go against his friends’ will in favor of the mission seems to almost directly contrast his character and Zane never learns from this. He does get beat up by Mr. E, but that is a lesson on trust(which I will talk about later) rather than humanity. Mr. E’s nindroid reveal is also a little strange since there is no payoff to the reveal until Hunted.
4h: Battle on the Bounty
Episode 79 is an extremely intense episode with both the Zane vs. Mr. E fight and the assault on the bounty in the same episode. I especially love the assault on the bounty, as Pixal is revealed brilliantly while also providing a beautiful yet intense scene. The use of the soundtracks “The Final Round” and “Opening the Cursed Realm” from season 4 help to convey a threatening feel as the ninja are barely able to fend off Samurai X. The way the ninja use their elements in this scene is genuinely something that I feel the show is lacking in general, as this is one of the only times in the show where I feel their powers are used somewhat creatively. The episode also greatly highlights Harumi’s plan as it is pretty dang brilliant how she knew Lloyd would jump for her when she got “captured” by Samurai X. Finally, Nya slowing the bounty down was a small yet beautiful scene that once again reflects the creative use of powers in this episode.
4i: Quiet Foreshadowing
Harumi is easily my favorite aspect of the entire season and the buildup for her twist definitely delivers. There are so many instances of foreshadowing and planning for Harumi’s turn that I am relatively sure I will miss some. The first instance I spotted was in episode 76, where Harumi says that being a princess isn’t easy and when she says, “I wear my own masks”. Her dialogue is brilliantly portrayed through her interactions with Lloyd, as she is actually telling the truth rather than masking her emotions. She genuinely despises being a princess and reveals that she wears masks(such as her royal or “quiet one” title) unbeknownst to Lloyd. Later in the same episode, a small instance of Harumi’s planning shows through when she lets the mask of deception fall in the middle of the road. She also says, “once again, I am all alone”, at the end of the episode. This line didn’t seem too significant at first watch, but it makes a lot more sense when considering her backstory. In episode 77, Harumi distracts the ninja with Jay’s underwear when they mention finding the identity of the quiet one. This episode also has a phenomenal picture scene, which shows her smiling when looking at her real parents but frowning when she looks at her adoptive parents. It’s an absolutely chilling scene on rewatches and it brilliantly portrays Harumi’s real feelings without being too obvious. She never formed a “real” relationship with her adoptive parents and will continue to form “fake” relationships throughout the season. The contrast between the pictures shows this in particular as the royal family picture shows her wearing a mask to hide her emotions while the picture with her normal parents shows her expressing real emotions. More of Harumi’s planning is shown in episode 78, where she states, “maybe I should be doing something useful” and eventually calls Ultraviolet about Zane. Episode 79 has some of the most brilliant foreshadowings of the season, as Harumi refers to her parents by stating, “sometimes in my dreams, they’re right next to me... but then, then I wake up,” to Lloyd. Again, she’s sharing the truth with him, but not the truth that Lloyd actually knows about. In the same episode, there’s also a nice detail where Harumi tells the others to stay in the storm in order to prevent the quiet one trace program from finishing. The final instance of double dialogue in these episodes is when Harumi says, “I need you!” to Lloyd, meaning that she needs him for the mask(real) while pretending to desperately plea for him(fake).
4j: Trust(Mr. E)
The concept of trust is initially introduced through Zane’s story in this season. Zane saves Mr. E in episode 77, allowing him to gain his trust. In turn, Zane seems to also gain a bit of a sense of trust for Mr. E as Mr. E was the one who recruited him in the first place. During the final moments of episode 78, Zane tries to regain Mr. E’s trust and ultimately find out the identity of the quiet one. Unfortunately, he fails, and the two commence in a battle. Throughout the fight, Zane eventually gets more and more beaten down until he is almost destroyed. This allows Mr. E to plant a trap on Zane, which damages the bounty. The plotline serves as an introduction and warning to the dangers of trust, as Zane’s trust in Mr. E eventually led to the (literal) downfall of himself and the bounty.
Part 5: “The Quiet One” - “Dread on Arrival” Breakdown of various aspects of the plot in “The Quiet One”, “Game of Masks”, and “Dread on Arrival”
5a: Unmasking the Quiet One
Episode 90 has the last of the quiet one foreshadowing and it certainly delivers. The episode starts off with hints toward Harumi’s combat proficiency as she seems to be able to use a sword extremely well. Later on, when Lloyd and Harumi get on the boat, there is some phenomenal dialogue between the two. Harumi hints toward her plan and real intentions, as she states “do you really think it’s possible to bring someone back?” and “I would do anything to see my parents again”. Once again, it’s some extremely subtle dialogue that conveys a double message to Lloyd. She also says that she is the “greatest villain” in the scene to Lloyd, which seems odd at first. However, Harumi doesn’t truly want to see herself as the greatest villain, but she wants Lloyd to see her as the greatest villain. This becomes especially evident in the next episode, as she believes she’s doing the right thing by resurrecting Garmadon and hurting Lloyd. I would like to conclude the buildup to the reveal of the quiet one with a quick analysis of Harumi’s song, “Spider’s in the House”. In the song, Harumi represents the spider, and Lloyd represents the mouse. The first line of the song, “Spider’s in the house”, represents Harumi’s planning on the bounty. It heeds that there is danger, but is unable to locate the danger. The second line, “Sleep, sleep”, represents the ninja’s inability to detect Harumi. The third line, “Spider bit the mouse”, alludes to Harumi’s treachery on the bounty. She constantly sabotages and manipulates the ninja, and the fourth line, “sleep deep”, represents the ninja’s misplaced trust in Harumi. Finally, the last two lines, “Don’t wake up or else, you’ll find a spider in your mouth”, hint toward the eventual victory of Harumi.
5b: Ideology of Harumi
Harumi’s motivation and backstory are introduced in episode 81 and it easily makes her the most interesting villain of the series for me. Before touching on her motivation, I would like to talk about Harumi’s despair theme, one of my favorite character themes of the show. The theme is simply genius and is a perfect blend of tragedy and innocence. The main melody of the theme, or the “tragic” part, attempts to overshadow the piano, the representation of Harumi’s innocence. It represents Harumi’s character flawlessly— despite turning out as a monster, Harumi was ultimately always just an innocent girl struck by tragedy. Harumi’s despair theme is played a few times throughout the show in her most crucial moments. The first time it’s played is after the death of Harumi’s parents, or the birth of the quiet one. The second time it’s played is when Harumi reveals herself to Lloyd or the unmasking of the quiet one. It is also played during and after the destruction of the bounty, or the rise of the quiet one. In Hunted, the first time it’s played is when Garmadon adopts Harumi or the victory of the quiet one. The final time it’s played is during Harumi’s death, the fall of the quiet one. Alright, now onto Harumi’s motivation. Some people may not get or fully understand her motivation, so I would like to take this time to explain it. In the flashback of episode 81, Harumi is a child. She has not discovered the world fully yet, but as children do, she makes up her own reality with her imagination. A bit of this is hinted at with Harumi playing with the ninja dolls at the beginning of the flashback. Following the death of her real parents, Harumi is lost and confused. She doesn’t know what happened or why except that she just lost her parents. Harumi thus begins to form a hatred for the thing that caused the death of her parents, the great devourer. She hears from the citizens of Ninjago that Garmadon destroyed the snake and begins to idolize him. Keep in mind that all this is happening when she is a child. Of course, she does not and cannot think logically about the situation because she has just experienced a great degree of trauma. Upon her idolization of Garmadon(more specifically the evil version of him), she realizes that he always had a rivalry with his son, Lloyd. With her newfound knowledge of the fact that Lloyd was the one who opened the serpentine tombs in the first place, she begins to develop a hatred for him as she wants to align her beliefs with evil Garmadon. She shifts the anger and despair of her trauma onto Lloyd and vows to emotionally scar him the exact way she was. At the same time that this happens, Harumi is adopted into the royal family of Ninjago. I’m not going to say that the royal family’s death is justified, but I think it’s relatively clear by the first few episodes of the season that they are not good parents. They do provide Harumi with everything physical that she needs, but they don’t seem to give her any love. Therefore, Harumi forms a fake relationship with them and is forced to wear a “mask” of happiness. Going back to Harumi idolizing Garmadon, she sees him as a “new father” in place of her adoptive parents. She wants to form a “real relationship” again as she did with her old parents, and she believes that Garmadon is the only character who can give her that. After talking with Mystake and learning of the oni, Harumi realizes that Garmadon can be resurrected and begins dedicating her life to this goal in order to rekindle the feeling of a real relationship. With Garmadon’s resurrection, she plans to rule by his side and “save” Ninjago. The big thing about Harumi’s plan is that she is partially right. By resurrecting Garmadon, the “evil” side of Ninjago’s balance is fulfilled and thus more evil cannot be introduced. By joining the “evil” side herself and proclaiming it “good”, Harumi ensures that no “true evil” such as the oni can rise. Harumi’s actions actually do save Ninjago in the end. During the tornado of creation in the finale of MotO, Garmadon is required to join in to stop the oni. Without his resurrection, Ninjago would have fallen to the oni in the end.
5c: The Green Ninja vs. The Quiet One
Lloyd discovers the truth of Harumi in episode 81 and is absolutely devastated. They fight for the mask of hatred, and Harumi explains her hatred and motivations to Lloyd in the meanwhile. The dialogue in the scene is incredible as we really get a sense of Harumi’s character through her words. She is extremely sadistic and takes pleasure in torturing Lloyd. Lloyd is also portrayed magnificently as he can’t come to terms with the truth. When Harumi puts on the mask of hatred, Lloyd doesn’t truly think that it is her and blames the mask for her hatred. This leads into the second half of the fight, where Harumi truly explains her hatred for Lloyd. This scene is the exact reason why I think Sons of Garmadon is the darkest season. While character deaths and crazy concepts can be very dark, nothing even comes close to the exploration of depression and trauma in this scene. Harumi wants Lloyd to suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically. She hits him right in the heart, unlike any other character can. Just listen to this clip(0:43) of Harumi during the second half of the fight(without the voice modifier) when she says “I want you to feel the emptiness that I feel!” The amount of despair and hatred in that single line is one of the most chilling things I have ever heard. At the end of the fight, Harumi eventually leaves Lloyd to drown and the quiet one has her first victory.
5d: Holy Spinjitzu
The crab fight in episode 81 is… weird. I don’t have much to say about it, but I will say that I love how spinjitzu is used in this scene and season as a whole. For one of the few times in the series, spinjitzu feels useful. The ninja are able to dazzle the crab with their spinjitzu and Zane finishes it off with great use of his power. In episode 82, I also love how spinjitzu is the thing that “stops” Harumi. It is an epic finish to a grand battle that I will touch on...
5e: A Ceremonial Battle
Now! The battle to stop the resurrection is kind of the “final battle” of the season, and I feel that it delivers in almost every way possible. It’s a bit strange to say, but I adore how “competent” the ninja feel in this battle. It genuinely feels like they’re giving their all to stop Harumi. The second thing I want to point out about the scene is the intensity. Similar to the “assault on the bounty” scene, the reuse of tracks from ToE and Possession notch the intensity up to a ten. I also appreciate that Garmadon’s theme is fittingly present in these tracks as the entire battle is a fight to stop Garmadon’s return. Finally, I appreciate that there are a ton of character moments throughout the fight. Kai accidentally becomes “too hot-headed” for a few seconds and breaks the switch, leading to Cole using his lava arms to break Lloyd out. Zane also has a very nice moment where he faces off against Mr. E and shows that he is no longer holding back. Finally, the pain and determination in Lloyd are extremely palpable. In the last few moments of the fight, Lloyd expresses more determination than ever to get past the wind. The ninja follow suit by doing spinjitzu, and they supposedly “stop” Harumi.
5f: Trust(Harumi)
In episodes 81 and 82, Lloyd begins to learn the dangers of trust. Up to the point of episode 81, Lloyd had poured his heart out by connecting with Harumi and emplacing his trust in her. He is completely heartbroken in episode 81 and eventually loses trust in his relationships. Harumi leaves an emotional scar on him that completely changes the way he perceives his relationships. Unfortunately for Lloyd, his distrust in relationships leads him down a darker path in episode 83…
*End of Part 1\*
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2021.09.18 22:28 No-Paleontologist865 Does the FOTF have some longevity and replayability this year?

I always love career modes in sports games and these previous two years FOTF has been pretty garbage. I'm hearing some things better but is it worth it. Is there actually storylines throughout the thing?
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2021.09.18 22:28 pigwitdafro Help (ps4)

Can anyone give me items/weapons in dying light because i lost my other account that had a bunch of items it would be nice for some help
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2021.09.18 22:28 Rymotron Mission collections?

I appreciate this might be unlikely as the game is still very new, but I don't suppose there are any custom mission collections yet?
I love the sound of the open play games, but don't feel like I am experienced enough yet to make one (roughly) balanced
Thanks for any help
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2021.09.18 22:28 Catburglar1987 [US-HI] IPS Modded backlit Gameboy Color with OEM Clear Shell, OEM Buttons and OEM Membranes and EZ-Flash Jr $125 shipped to anywhere in the US.

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2021.09.18 22:28 Matt-Daws The bat cave - not finished yet but impressed with the look. Giant cave randomly under my base. Awesome find 🤘

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2021.09.18 22:28 adondshilt Authenticity of my dissertation

how can foretell if my paper will pass or not?
i need a proof reader
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2021.09.18 22:28 titangoji It is September 6th in Japan. Happy 6th anniversary to one of the best modern tokusatsu films, ATTACK ON TITAN: END OF THE WORLD (2015)! Here are some of my favorites shots from the second part of the live action epic.

It is September 6th in Japan. Happy 6th anniversary to one of the best modern tokusatsu films, ATTACK ON TITAN: END OF THE WORLD (2015)! Here are some of my favorites shots from the second part of the live action epic. submitted by titangoji to ShingekiNoKyojin [link] [comments]

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2021.09.18 22:28 DeliciousCourage5209 Missing your window of opportunity… again

How come you tell other people but not me how you feel? Do you do that hoping that it’ll get back to me? Or are you just not sure what you want, or too scared of rejection to approach me?
I’ll never actually ask you these things because I already tried when we first broke up. I only said we can’t be friends because I don’t want to be led on again. I still have feelings for you. I’m not sure if it’s love, but it’s certainly something.
I’ve been happy and doing good without you, even though I still miss you sometimes. If you really missed me or thought you made a mistake I hope you’d tell me. If not, it’s not worth my time anyways since you won’t make the effort. Three of our friends told me about you saying you still love me, want me back, think you made a mistake… I didn’t ask any of them about you and I really wish they didn’t tell me. Because now I’m thinking about you again and hoping things were different.
You may be a perpetual case of a man who doesn’t know what he wants, which is a great recipe for hurting any woman you get involved with. And by the time you know what you want it’ll probably be too late if you decide that it’s me. I’m moving on (again) and who knows if it’ll work out. You keep missing your windows of opportunity if what our friends tell me is actually true. This is probably the last one.
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2021.09.18 22:28 Zekkengbf LF: HA aprimons FT: aprimons

Hi! New to the sub so idk if im asking too much sorry. But yeah looking for dlc pokemon since i dont own the dlc yet unfortunately.
im looking for:
HA Gible HA Dratini HA Torchic HA Alolan Vulpix Deino HA mudkip
these are my aprimons so far:
HA Dreamball Togepi HA Dreamball Goomy HA Dreamball Indeedee F HA Love ball cottonee HA Heavy Ball Riolu HA Lure Ball Magikarp HA Love Ball Bounsweet HA Fast Ball Pichu HA Friend Ball cottonee HA Moon Ball Ralts
almost all are at least 4 ivs iirc. Im sorry my offers are little to none but here's me hoping i could get even leftovers and low iv ones. Anyways, thanks and have a nice day!!
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