Violent tendencies

2021.09.18 23:17 maxhax205 Violent tendencies

I dont know why but i get mad for no reason. I want to kill random people i come across when im working. Maybe its because when ill kill someone people will not mess with me anymore. I want to kill kids messing with me, women, anyone. I know its wrong but i want to know why i feel this way does anyone else hsve these feelings. I feel like i need to kill someone or else people will never stop wihlth me.
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2021.09.18 23:17 BlancheFromage Ever notice how many SGI members were into MLMs, homeopathy, and other ridiculous woo?

I started seeing this the very first place I practiced - a YWD leader and her YMD husband started shilling Nu Skin, a notorious money-losing MLM (multi-level marketing scam), back 1991-ish. There is a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) paper cited there; here is another if you're interested in what the research and investigations have turned up about MLMs. You won't get this kind of information from the MLMs themselves or their members any more than you'll get the information about how harmful, irrational, and downright abusive SGI is from SGI's own sites and sources (and addicts) - that's why we need sites like SGIWhistleblowers to provide the other side of the story so that people can make more informed choices. Just like having consumer reports and various review sites - this is a necessary service.
Apparently, MLMs have infiltrated SGI to the point that SGI has felt it necessary to write up rules forbidding many of the MLM practices though SGI leaders (especially) either disregard these entirely or bend the rules to suit their sales obsession.

It must have been a big enough problem at some point because number 11 of the SGI-USA Code of Conduct for Leaders reads, “Not use my organizational relationships to promote any personal business interests, including advertising, soliciting, promoting, selling, or distributing any products or services. This includes health-related or financial-related products or services, and any multi-level or network marketing” (pg 62).
Video in which author states that one of his primary reasons for leaving the Ikeda cult was because too many MLMs! - infecting the org structure like a virus and taking over control of the membership from SGI. The MLM pull is clearly stronger than SGI's pull on the members. Source
...worldwide feedback strongly suggests that MLM is also extremely viral and predatory. Source
Clearly a threat to the clunky, stodgy, old-fashioned, Japanese-controlled SGI.
Early on, a researcher observed this of Soka Gakkai members in Japan:
"Even after joining the Soka Gakkai, they continued to try other remedies." Source
EVEN while the Soka Gakkai and SGI are preaching and promoting "faith healing"! You'll get whiplash from their "No, we don't promote faith healing" and "You can change any circumstances in your life through chanting because kaaarmaaaa" and "I chanted and I got better!" switches of perspective. Cults do this to disable people's critical thinking - since it's all a self-contradictory mess, better to just "accept it on faith" and not worry about it!
Homeopathy is nothing more than delusion. Sugar pills and plain water are not cures! It's all just as much wishful thinking as chanting is!
The reason SGI members are so prone to being suckered in by these scams is because, ultimately, being an SGI member is a deeply frustrating experience. By design.
People who are desperate grasp at straws. They'll try something ridiculous - they're already desperate; what have they got to lose?? So the fact that we've observed so much of this woo-peddling and woo-promoting and woo-defending within the SGI membership tells us something very important about them - they aren't getting their basic needs met. They aren't getting what they chant for. If they were, the "actual proof" would be there for all to see - we'd all see them doing better in life than those similar to them, taking their places among the ranks of the wealthy, the powerful, and the influential. For SGI members, though, it's more "actual poof" as they limp along, grinding away at their gohonzons, seeing less improvement in their lives than the people like them who don't waste their time practicing Ikedaism.
A big part of the problem that there is no actual Buddhism in SGI - SGI, Nichiren, and the Lotus Sutra, in fact, might be considered "the homeopathy of Buddhism". No one is getting the benefits from Buddhism in the SGI, because SGI does not promote Buddhism.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
Addiction is the language of suffering, and SGI's chanting addicts are no exception. Of course they're going to grasp for whichever nonsense woo comes along that promises to relieve their various ills! They can't do it through their SGI practices, though the promise that they would is typically what got them hooked in the first place. "You can chant for whatever you want." Sure - but SGI neglected to tell you the rest of that verse:
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2021.09.18 23:17 TrueDyrnwyn Strongest teleport move?

Best 'teleport' move? I don't know if it's the correct name to call them lol.
I'm talking about kamehameha big bang, evil explosion, kamehameha X10 and all the other moves that let teleport behind the enemy.
I think that the best is evil explosion, but I'd like to hear your opinions!
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2021.09.18 23:17 PlantLadyNiffin Where can I buy the coat worn by Aubrey Plaza in Best Sellers?

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2021.09.18 23:17 galo2099 Should I live stream opening almost 1300 agents?

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2021.09.18 23:17 Glad_Stable_5710 Brand new team just made called Thee War Lords need new recruits 700mp (open) too join we are active everyday

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2021.09.18 23:17 Next_Assumption_1858 [EU] LFT can play every role, looking for a team

My name is Harun"cumba"Dzambas. I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eastern part of Europe. I have been playing for 5 years now and i want to take it to another level. I have 2k hours. I can play all positions but preferably i like to play entry fragger, igl or awper. I can bring that spark that every team needs. Current rank is LE and FaceIT level 4 close to 5 even though i dont play it.
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2021.09.18 23:17 -TakeOutTheTrash Body Shaming on Social Media

Body Shaming on Social Media
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2021.09.18 23:17 jlanna101 [SELL][US ONLY] Mid-High End Sale! 200+ Items for Sale! Pat McGraph, Natasha Denona, Charlotte Tilbury, HOURGLASS, ABH, Jeffree Star, Dior, HUDA, ELEMIS, Too Faced, Drunk Elephant, Tarte, Herbivore, Farmacy, Fenty, Sunday Riley, Cover FX, Becca, Laura Mercier, MAC, MILK, etc

Hello Everyone! I'm back with a ton of new items! Please make sure to look through everything carefully. $10 minimum. Everything is BRAND NEW- if not, it will be stated. Most are full sized- if not, it will be stated. Default is Brand new, full sized. If you cannot pay, then please do not claim! This is crossposted! Some items I am flexible on, others price is firm.

Okay, I think that’s it! Thank you for reading and have fun shopping! :)
  1. Natasha Denona Retro Palette- newest palette and perfect for Fall! $58
  2. Pat McGraph (Mothership 5) Bronze Seduction $85 Closer look at the shades
  3. Too Faced Natural Matte Face Palette $25
  4. Too Faced Teddy Bare palette $30 INSIDE
  5. DIOR Backstage in shade ‘Rosewood Neutrals’ $38 INSIDE
  6. DIOR 5-color palette in shade 669 Soft Cashmere $50 INSIDE
  7. Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow in shade ‘light to medium’ $50 INSIDE
  8. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Luxe Quad $35
  9. Charlotte Tilbury Queen of Gold Luxe Quad $35
  10. Charlotte Tilbury Walk of No Shame Luxe Quad $35
  11. ABH Soft Glam $30
  12. ABH Modern Renaissance (new but no box) $30 INSIDE
  13. HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Palette Vol 1 $40 (2 sold, 1 still available)
  14. HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Palette Vol 2 $40
  15. HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Dim Edit palette $40
  16. HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Luminous Edit palette $40
  17. Tartelette Juicy (newly formulated) $28 INSIDE (idk what happened to this one shade)
  18. Tarte Be You Naturally Palette $13 (originally $36)
  19. Cover FX Perfector Face Palette in Light Medium $20 (originally $45)
  20. Jeffree Star Orgy Palette- some minor defects pictured here: Photo 1, Photo 2 $40
  21. MORPHE 39L Hit the Lights Palette $23 Inside
Verification Photo 1, Photo 2
  1. ICONIC Day to Slay Palette $20
  2. ICONIC Sunset to Sunrise Palette $20
Verification Photo 1, Photo 2
  1. The Queen Eyeshadow Palette $10 (1 available)
  2. Illuminati x Isa Palette $6
  3. True and Luscious Lucky Glow Palette $4
  4. Suva Beauty Protege Palette $8
  5. BH Cosmetics It’s My RayeRaye $12
  6. PUR 4-in-1 Face palette in Medium Tan $10
  7. Touch In Sol Glowdient palette (sealed) $8
  8. Morphe x Manny MUA Glam Palette $10
  9. Butter London Natural Goddess Palette $5 INSIDE
  10. Ciate London The Velvet Palette $8 (I nicked one shade here)
  11. Dominique Cosmetics Celestial Thunder Palette $8 INSIDE
  12. BH Cosmetics In-Nude-endo $10 (swatched)
Eyeshadow Palettes that have been swatched/lightly used- Name your price!
  1. Violet Voss Best Life 2 pic of INSIDE
  2. Violet Voss Limeade pic of INSIDE
  3. Violet Voss Pinky Promise pic of INSIDE
  4. OFRA Black Friday palette pic of INSIDE
  5. Laritzy cosmetics Athena palette pic of INSIDE
  6. OPVbeauty Spotlight palette pic of INSIDE
  7. HIPDOT Cenote palette pic of INSIDE
  8. Hank and Henry Living in Color palette pic of INSIDE
PRIMERS Verification Photo
  1. Too Faced Hangover Primer $15 (2 available)
  2. Tarte Base Tape Hydrating Primer $15 (1 available)
  3. Cover FX Blurring Primer $12)
  4. Dr Brandt pores no more Luminizer Primer $12 (2 available, one has box)
  5. Clarins Instant Smooth $12
  6. PUR 4-in-1 Correcting Primer $8
  7. TATCHA the Silk Canvas $38 (this is full size and still in the original packaging. If you want me to open it just let me know)
  8. BENEFIT Porefessional 0.75 fl oz $18
  9. FENTY Mattifying Primer in shade ‘True Matte’ $20
  10. Ole Henriksen Banana primer (used 2x) $15
  11. Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow $40
Mascaras Verification Photo
  1. Dermelect XL Lash Volumizer $10
  2. IT cosmetics Superhero Mascara $13
  3. Elizabeth Mott It’s so Big mascara $6
  4. Trestique Good Vibes mascara $8
  5. Wander Beauty Mile High Club Mascara $8
  6. Petite n Pretty Fully Feathered Mascara $5
  7. Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Vol 2 $23
Setting Powders
  1. BECCA Hydro Mist set and Refresh powder $17
  2. Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder- this is the GLOW version (sparkly) $20
  3. Laura Mercier matte Radiance Baked Powder- used 2x $18
  1. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Superstar Glow Highlighter- this is GORGEOUS and HUGE. Can prob last an entire lifetime lol $40 INSIDE
  2. ABOUT-FACE Light Lock Highlight Fluid in shade ‘Shaken or Stirred’ $16
  3. ABOUT-FACE Light Lock Highlight Fluid in shade ‘Flight or Fight’ $16
  4. ABH Loose Highlighter in shade ‘peach fizz’ $12
  5. FENTY Kilowatt highlighter in shade Trophy Wife $10
  6. Cover FX glitter drops in shade Aurora $14
  7. Cover FX custom drops in shade Blossom $14 (2 available)
  8. Cover FX custom drops in shade Halo $14
Verification Photo
  1. Laura Geller Dewdreamer drops $5
  2. MILK makeup highlighting stick in shade Stardust $10 (2 available)
  3. Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl $5
Verification Photo 1, Photo 2,
  1. MAC lipstick in shade Dangerous $10
  2. MAC lipstick in shade So Chaud $10
  3. MAC lipstick in shade Red Rock $10
  4. MAC lipstick in shade Sweet Sakura $10
  5. MAC lipstick in shade Dozen Carnations $10
  6. MAC lipstick in shade On hold $10
  7. MAC lipstick in shade Pretty Boy $10
  8. MAC lipstick in shade Vegas Volt $10
Verification Photo 4, Photo 5
  1. FENTY Mattemoiselle lipstick in shade Ma’Damn $12
  2. FENTY Mattemoiselle lipstick in shade Thicc $12
  3. Bali Balm sweet orange & coconut lip balm $6 (2 available)
  4. Primera Clean Berry Lip Mask $13
  5. DOSE OF COLORS lipstick in shade Date Night $10 (2 available, 1 has no box)
  6. HAUS labs lipliner in shade Supermodel $9
  7. PIXI lipglow in shade Ruby $6
  8. BITE beauty in shade Pavlova $8
  9. OFRA liquid lipstick in shade Monaco $7
  10. STILA liquid lipstick in shade Angelo (BN but no box) $8
  11. TARTE shimmering lip paint in shade Strike Gold $6
  12. YENSA Super 8 Lip Oil in shade ‘On the Mauve’ $8
  13. BITE beauty Crystal Creme Shimmer Lip Crayon in shade ‘Rose Glace’ $8
  14. JOUER Creme Lip Liner in shade pink champagne shimmer $8
  15. ABH liquid lipstick in shade ‘heathers’ $8
  16. GLOW RECIPE watermelon lip pop $10
  17. Lipstick Queen Nothing but Nudes in shade ‘Tempting Taupes’ (this is new but has sweat spots (does not affect lipstick just cosmetic) $8 INSIDE
  18. Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath in shade ‘Peachy Plump’ $25
  19. Charlotte Tilbury Superstar Lips in shade ‘Walk of no shame’ $24
  20. Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happikiss in shade ‘romance kiss’ $24
  21. Huda Beauty Diamond Hydrating Lip Balm in shade “Seductress” $17 (this is stunning and pics do not do it justice!)
Pat McGraph Verification Photo
  1. Mattetrance Lipstick in shade 1995 $18
  2. Mattetrance Lipstick in shade Omi $18
  3. Eye pencil Liner in shade BLK Coffee (comes with sharpener) $15
  4. LiquiLUST Legendary Wear Matte in shade Divine Nude $18
  5. LUST Gloss in shade Flesh Astral $18
  6. OPULUST in shade ‘Bronze Seductress‘ about 75% full- hard to tell but next to BN bottle $10
More PMG lipsticks here- brand new, never swatched. $18 each
New Shades
  1. Elson
  2. Venus in Furs
  3. Peep Show
  4. Guinevere
  5. Christy
  6. Major Red (luxetrance)
  7. Naked Kiss
  8. Skinsane
  9. Lady Stardust
  1. Beautaniq beauty Butter Lip and Cheek Balm $8 (2 available)
  2. Pat McGraph blush in shade ‘Cherish’ $30
  3. HOURGLASS blush in shade Luminous Flush $25
  4. KimChiChic Blush in shade 001 Pinky $10
Eyeshadow Liquids/Singles
  1. HAUS Labs Liquid Shimmer Powder in shade ‘Legend’ $10
  2. DOSE OF COLORS single eyeshadow in shade Jackpot $5
EYELINER and BROWS Verification Photo
  1. MILK makeup gel eyeliner in shade Bonus $8
  2. DOSE OF COLORS eyeliner in shade Unbox $10
  3. EYEKO Double Act Shadow Stick in Dusk and Dawn $6
  4. REALHER definer brow pencil $3
  5. Laura Geller line-n-define in shade Black $5
  6. MILK makeup Clear brow gel in shade Hydro $8
  7. Marc Jacobs Highliner in shade ‘blacquer’ $11
  1. Huda Glowish Skin Tint Foundation in shade 01- Fair $20
  2. BECCA full coverage foundation shade Vanilla $20 (Brand new, looked at the shade and knew it wasn’t my color)
  3. Becca Zero no pigment foundation $15
  4. Natasha Denona Transformatte foundation in shade ‘22W’ $20
  5. Too Faced Born this Way concealer in shade ‘Chestnut’ used 2x $10
  1. LUXIE Eyeconic Eye Set $16
  2. MODA Powder and Soft Glow Brush $12
  3. MODA 5 pc Deluxe eye Kit $15
  4. MOTD Lighting Crew Brush $4
Jeffree Star Items: Verification Photo Make me an offer and take it all as a bundle!
  1. Give me Nudes Volume 1 mini lipstick set- I may have swatched a few of them $35 for all, add on for $5 each
  2. Setting Powder in shade Translucent- I think I used this once $15
  3. Concealer in shade C8- maybe swatched? $15
  4. Liquid Lipstick in shade Drug Lord $12
  5. Red Beanie- name your price
  6. Pink popsocket- name your price
  7. Alien palette- discontinued, still in packaging- make me an offer!
  8. Blue Blood palette- make an offer. INSIDE
  1. Herbivore Lapis Facial Oil (no box) $40 (2 available)
  2. HERBIVORE Emerald Glow Oil $35 RV $48
  3. Dr. Brandt Time Defying Cream FS $25 RV $135
  4. Elemis Rose Facial Oil $28 for the new one, $22 (used 2x)- left is brand new, right is used
  5. FARMACY Honey Grail face oil $20
  6. SUNDAY RILEY CEO moisturizer 1.7 oz no box $30
  7. Elemis Pro-collagen Eye mask $18
  8. Farmacy Cheer Up Cherry Eye Cream (2 available) $18
  9. Farmacy Dew It All eye cream $23 (15 mL- this is full size RV $38)
  10. Dr. Brandt 24/7 Retinol Eye Cream $18
  11. Grown Alchemist Detox Night Cream $15 (3 2 available)
  12. Skin&Co Truffle Eye cream (used 1x) $8 RV $66
  13. Saturday Skin Glycolic Toner $15
  14. BeautyStat Universal C Eye Perfector $17
  1. Herbivore Bakuchiol Serum $35 RV $54
  2. TATCHA The Serum Stick $30
  3. Skin Inc Daily Dose $12
  4. LUE serum $8
  5. Decorte Firming Lift Contour Serum 12 mL + Hydration Boosting Serum 15 mL both for $10
  6. 111SKIN Vitamin C Brightening Booster $12
  1. Herbivore Pink Cloud Jelly Cleanser $18
  2. FARMACY Whipped Greens Cleanser (3 2 available) $15 each
  3. FARMACY Clean Bee Cleanser $18
  4. Dr. Brandt Clean Biotic Cleanser $20
  5. Peach and Lily Gel Cleanser $15
  6. PureHeals Pore Clear Black Charcoal Cleansing Foam $9
  7. OSEA Ocean Cleanser .6 oz/18 mL (2 available) $6 each
  8. REN Jelly Oil Cleanser (2 available) $18 each
  1. Herbivore Blue Tansy mask $30 RV $48
  2. FARMACY Honey Potion Mask $25
  3. FARMACY Bright on Vitamin C Mask $22
  4. ELEMIS Peptide Plumping Pillow Facial hydrating sleep mask $25 (2 available)
  5. Dr. Brandt HydroBiotic recovery sleeping mask $16
  6. Korres Hydro-Biome mask (originally $49) $25
  7. Pureheals propolis Sleeping Mask $10
  8. Saturday Skin Yuzu Vitamin C sleep Mask $16
  9. Grown Alchemist Age-repair Gel Masque 75 mL/ 2.53 Fl Oz $20
  1. Drunk Elephant Haul Acid Set (sealed)- $75 $100 RV BACK w/ contents
• A-Passioni Retinol Cream (10ml)
• T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial (15ml)
• C-Firma Day Serum (15ml)
• F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial (15ml)
• T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum (15ml)
  1. Tatcha The Starter Ritual $50 RV $78 INSIDE
The Camellia Cleansing Oil - 50 ml | 1.7 fl. Oz.
The Rice Polish: Gentle - 15 g | 0.5 oz.
The Essence - 25 ml | 0.8 fl. Oz.
The Dewy Skin Cream - 10 ml | 0.34 fl. Oz.
The Silk Peony - 3 ml | 0.1 fl. Oz.
  1. Glow Recipe Set $40
Watermelon Glow Toner 150 mL/5 fl oz
Watermelon Glow Dew Drops 15 mL/ 0.51 fl oz
Watermelon Glow Moisturizer 25 mL
HAIR Verification Photo
  1. IGK Prenup Instant Spray Hair Mask $15
  2. IGK Mistress Hair balm $14
  3. AG Hair Care Fast Food Leave on Conditioner $18
  4. Moroccanoil Perfect Defense Spray $13
  5. Christophe Robin Daily Hair Cream $18
  6. Living Proof forming paste $12
  7. Moroccan Leave in Mask (1 available) $12
  8. DRYBAR Prep Rally Detangler Spray (2 available) $16
  9. Saints and Sinners Velvet Leave-in conditioner $12
  1. Herbivore Coco Rose Body Scrub $20
  2. FENTY What it Dew Spray $15
  3. OSEA sea minerals mist $15
  4. BeautyBlender in color Topaz Sky $10
  5. AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream 150 mL $12
  6. AHAVA Mineral Hand Cream 40 mL $7
  7. M. Greengrass dry oil spray $10
  8. LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt (2 available) $8
  9. Ice Roller $10
  10. MOXIELASH magnetic lashes in style ‘Bossy Lash’ $8 Inside
Pssttt If you made it till here, tell me your favorite color and I’ll include a freebie in your order (not makeup).
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2021.09.18 23:17 thefakeseanconnery Spotted this [Ferrari 360] in Saratoga Springs, Ny

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2021.09.18 23:17 564-9728 Will a hemorrhoid cause you to be re-wiping

Every time i go to the restroom and obviously clean very good, but find myself going back after 30mins to rewipe... and its like i didn’t wipe at all...
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2021.09.18 23:17 notvinc Wooden piece fell out of battery compartment?

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2021.09.18 23:17 afarist Lukashenko acknowledges and celebrates historical truth about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, not imperialist falsifications of history.

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2021.09.18 23:17 hammerandegg Who's your favorite trans character and why?

Can be any media etc
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2021.09.18 23:17 StonedNCaffeinated What is this week's Weekly Event?

I'm waiting for a good weekly event before i resub. Does anyone know where i can find out this info too? I've been looking.
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2021.09.18 23:17 mkmkmk420 Experiences and stories about how something you dedicated your time and effort to changed your life (martial arts, Flo arts, music, smth like that)?

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2021.09.18 23:17 lettucetigers Having a lovely day ❤️

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2021.09.18 23:17 Hentaigustav Anyone wanna come shooting star wishing?

So uh Isabelle said "shooting stars tonight :D" but apparently Celeste said: "Nah too busy" so I think I have a Celeste free shooting star night? If any of you wanna come either help search for her or just wish on some stars feel free to DM me
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2021.09.18 23:17 Gazmatron2 These were growing in my garden, does anyone now what they are? (UK)

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2021.09.18 23:17 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+3426) How my summer went

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2021.09.18 23:17 Louigilou2 Part of the house got crushed and rebuild. Day ruined

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2021.09.18 23:17 babybuff88 M5 enhanced quad rail

Is this discontinued for sure?? Any chance it'll ever be back in stock? 🥲
Or anyone have one they want to sell? 😬
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