Soteriology101 - Cross References Are Important

2021.09.18 22:40 mridlen Soteriology101 - Cross References Are Important

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2021.09.18 22:40 choochoo-picklepie Can white people face racism?

This is a controversial topic and I want to hear people’s views on this. Quite honestly I’m confused.
Personally I think the answer is yes. But I feel like it’s sort of outweighed by all the privilege they have.
I feel like in the end they still have their whiteness as a shield.
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2021.09.18 22:40 Chems23rd Anyone know the watch?

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2021.09.18 22:40 Anonamaton801 Well, Walmart had a shark problem

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2021.09.18 22:40 post-news DHS to Ramp Up Deportation Efforts of Migrants from South Texas

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2021.09.18 22:40 pedal_deals_bot Fender American Vintage '62 Stratocaster 1990s - $599 ($599 + Free S/H) 100%

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2021.09.18 22:40 SnooPets1127 Do you give yourself ‘courtesy flushes’?

Like in the middle of shitting at home, you’ve gotten out most of it, but know you’ll want to spend another 5-10 minutes getting out the rest.
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2021.09.18 22:40 swimswady Idk why Im still part of that subreddit.

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2021.09.18 22:40 ItchyGlass88 94' fresh wheels, paint correction and ceramic coating

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2021.09.18 22:40 sbz2999 what is a good way to feel out of a renter will allow u to grow?

the apartment i’m getting will have a porch so i’m thinking of growing a few plants outside (i am a med patient and we can grow soon). I just don’t want to blow a good apartment opportunity
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2021.09.18 22:40 FreedomFrumThought Only the Best Make It on Deep Tracks.

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2021.09.18 22:40 neighborhoodman323 People say my Chihuahua looks like a blueberry muffin. Any body see it?

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2021.09.18 22:40 bwunniebae [NA] leveling new account, would enjoy higher rank company that is also leveling

D2 support main, dm with summoner and i'll add you
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2021.09.18 22:40 evaldez14 Biden Claims His ‘First Job Offer’ Came From An Idaho Lumber Company. The Baffled Company Said It Has No Record Of That

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2021.09.18 22:40 sephirothreturns Caramel apple cosplay

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2021.09.18 22:40 husband_of_ruksar An o

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2021.09.18 22:40 Edgeofmylawn I kinda wish Rainbows weren’t associated with the LGBT group.

I know that all groups have their symbols, but now I can’t look at a rainbow after a thunderstorm without thinking of two dudes kissing.
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2021.09.18 22:40 greenblue98 Colorado Republicans want to cancel 2022 primary vote

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2021.09.18 22:40 FeeFiFoFuck_ She’s been researching for years

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2021.09.18 22:40 Sh4Dow_MCYT_Girl Ranboo FanArt 🖤🤍👑 Hope you like it!

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2021.09.18 22:40 azure_fennec Boost 4 Boost?

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂
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2021.09.18 22:40 Luxie10 We are a small discord server that just was made “recently”, and we enjoy talking to anyone and everyone!
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2021.09.18 22:40 BrickKing_ This subreddit should be illegal

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2021.09.18 22:40 Hunbear Ahh!! My first tomatoes!! So exciting! ☺️☺️

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2021.09.18 22:40 Alternative-Ad3715 Answering the questions ig

16, male. I’m a student at a school in the UK. No medical nothing lol. I was born into a catholic family, accepted it for a while. I started seeing some videos about religion being “wrong” and it kinda made sense to me so I’m an atheist now. Sister kinda messed up my childhood so I can’t remember most of it. No job. I could spend an entire weekend by myself, but I might get bored if I don’t have a phone to argue with people on discord. Might feel lonely a bit, but sometimes I just wanna be left alone. I like some sports but it depends if I have to put a lot of effort in like running I’ll hate it. If it’s something like football or rounders it’s fun. But I feel best at home. I’m very curious, most of my curiosities are about why we are here, is life even real, what happens after death, why people believe such stupid things which are clearly false. No I hate being a leader, but if I had to I’d be laid back give some ideas let other people do what they want with the ideas. No I don’t like working with my hands really, I’m prone to making mistakes I think. I’m not artistic but I like music and watching people draw can be fun (time lapses) I get bored easily. If something happens I dwell on it for a bit, small or big. Say something embarrassing happens at school id cringe about it for a few days. I’m usually in the future, always thinking ahead (absent minded or daydreaming I guess) about all the possibilities that could happen. Like what if I died tomorrow who would care? Not really focused in the present moment because I zone out easily. If someone asked for help I’d try to but sometimes I’m kinda selfish in a way that I’m picky with who I help. The reason I help people? I honestly don’t know, maybe it’s because I want to seem nice to others idk. I think it’s cool to be logical and all but logical all the time is boring like sometimes I’m thinking too logically and have to snap out of it and live in the moment I guess. I get annoyed when people aren’t as efficient as me , however I’m not the most efficient person, I can be pretty lazy and unproductive. I can kinda control others without even knowing like sometimes like I don’t know how to explain it. I can act dumb because I know it will create a certain response I know will happen it’s weird. Honestly idk why I do it and sometimes I don’t realise I am. My hobbies are philosophy / debating and video games. I just got interested in philosophy because i started questioning and needed answers. I enjoy debating with other people because even if they debunk my points I can make better ones. Im tryna read but I lose focus easily and procrastinate. My learning style is probably through practical work like hand to hand stuff I’m not sure though. Like if someone played a non memorable video or presentation I’d forget it easier. I’m mainly an improviser. My family is important to me and finding out my life’s purpose or what I want because I love my family and I don’t want to die without knownign why I was here. My aspirations are to find what I want in life. The highs in my life are like the small things, having fun with friends getting massages. The lows are being kinda depressed and socially anxious, not wanting to go to school. I daydream very often but also observe what’s around me. Sometimes I can daydream and it happens to be like 5 mins later. I’d think about whatever pops into my mind. It takes forever for me to take a big decision and I hate last minute decisions.I can change my mind too. I’m not sure about my emotions or why I feel the way I do. I sometimes agree with others just to appease them but it’s mainly because I don’t want to cause conflict unnecessarily.I sometimes break rules, mainly for the fun of it. Authorities should be challenged for sure. Ideal life is just to chill and have fun, care free no worries and alone time, but fun with friends and good memories, the freedom to experience with no consequences.
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