77y6e y8yf8 826zy 48i6k h6r4d ken7y k4r7y zstf2 seik4 6b2e7 ar4re 65kf2 7trkr a97te tai6k a3r36 i4hbf r795d z3zaa aaa8y eszsi How to reverse a video on iPhone and iPad using two diffrent methods |

How to reverse a video on iPhone and iPad using two diffrent methods

2021.09.18 21:29 hashan_tagari How to reverse a video on iPhone and iPad using two diffrent methods

It's cool to reverse the videos nowadays. If you are using the iPhone and you need to reverse a video on iPhone or iPad. Here we listed the best methods to do it. This article listed two ways: reverse video using the third party App and reverse video without a third party App. Let's see how to dit.
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2021.09.18 21:29 JowettMcPepper Solo un recordatorio de que Veracruz existió en el universo de Fallout. Es mencionado en New Vegas.

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2021.09.18 21:29 Jeromethy Impressions from someone who used play AOE2,3 casually and loved it.

A bit of history (warning, its long)
I probably have over a couple hundred hours of each of the games since AOE has always held a special place in my heart back in my childhood. Even had the original disks for both games and played alot with my dad during the weekends back then.
I'll admit I never got to play competitively because back then it required alot of complicated stuff I didnt really understand back then so only could only play really on LAN but I spent most of my time just battling the AI in singleplayer and in the different campaigns. (I even got extra points from history class cause of the references!)
So now playing the game again after like 15 years? just getting thrown into AOE4 super rusty from not playing for a long time, it felt memorable and easy to get into! My biggest fear was going online vs other people but having the option to just queue for multiple player games like 4v4 turned that anxiety into excitement. 1v1s always scared me but having a team to trust and rely on made the experience abit more receptive. The 4v4 battles are so enjoyable, especially since everyone is relatively new and very welcoming too! Played a few games, got carried and got wrecked by a rush in some!
First of all, I can really say the sound design and visual effects in the game are fantastic!! It reminds me more of AOE 3 than AOE2 but damn they really went ham with the sounds of the siege engines and the ships. The way there's an echo of terror from villagers when theyre under attack, or the satisfying kaboom of the great cannons just one shotting buildings! goosebumps! It also felt nice that you got visual feedback from the damage of the structures as well, stone from walls falling off as they went under siege, the flames roaring inside buildings when your units would commit arson! They really got one of the best parts of AOE3. Have you seen the naval combat? Although the ships are kinda limited this time around but the absolute marvel of seeing cannon ships fight each other, an orchestra of bass and explosions!
It doesn't end there, they give this sense of nostalgia with the older AOEs by giving us back the resource dropoffs again and single queue production but still kept the modern twist by having the impactful choices with the new age-up mechanic! It was also pretty cute when they decided to add the little addition of some extra environmental details when you would build structures, like houses would have extra foliage and farm space. Units would also sprint(?) when in fight, or charge like in the total war games was also a nice addition although not sure if it affected actual gameplay in anyway.
Most of all the civilisations all felt unique and fun to play, it didn't feel gimmicky. I started as the HRE and then when I tried the chinese, I got so confused. Totally encouraging a playstyle of city planning not only the location of your buildings but where each building would compliment the other, or having only specific buildings accessible during specific period (like villages only possible in the Song dynasty era). The abbasids were also pretty fun with how their aging up mechanic involved total variety in how youd want to proceed whether youd focus on economy or military first and having milestones locked behind your building progress! Kinda confused why they didnt include the Mongols since they teased them being the most odd faction by being a nomadic themed one, but I guess they didnt want to show all their cards.
Also the variety of settings choices was done well, my friend who had a weaker pc could scale down his graphics low enough that he can easily play with a school laptop, bringing back that nice touch of being able to play AOE2 on basically any imaginable pc back then, but also can sport the amazing visual fidelity of AOE3. I can really see AOE4 being very accessible to people of any system (especially since GPU prices are so jacked up rn).
I was kinda sad they took away the home city mechanic, back then I didn't really optimise my cards but I mostly focused on making my home city look nice and aesthetic (thank god i never played online back then xd) , so winning games and getting exp gave a nice little thing to grind for in the space of new visual upgrades! Hope they do add some kind of system like that, maybe things we can use to decorate our profiles? Or heck even small customisation of the looks of our civ (copium).
Overall, I had a very enjoyable time with the beta, and will continue to find time to play it (despite having exams to study for), and with the regional pricing (from $60->$20) in my region, I am very tempted to pre-order, despite not owning the new AOE2 definitive edition, maybe ill pick it up in the future too.
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2021.09.18 21:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - IEC says 488 000 people registered on first day | IOL

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2021.09.18 21:29 beauxx_ pov: how you feel after you stand up after sitting for a while

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2021.09.18 21:29 JackWagonGA Saturday Evap replacement.

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2021.09.18 21:29 turkherif Can you take half/half and would it be a good idea?

Hello everyone, I’ll be trying 2cb for the first time tonight. I have quite some experience with LSD and MDMA, and I love them,but I tend to get kind of anxious about my body/heart on some drugs like cocaine.
So I was wondering if 2cb has that stimulant discomfort , especially on the heart. And if so, can I juste take half a pill and then another half just to be safe? Would I still be feeling something considering it’s a probably street grade pill with ~15/20mg?
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2021.09.18 21:29 Exceptionalcasual Apparently, there is an "influx of requests" to transfer shares. Apes are unhappy with Degiros lack of DRS feature?

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2021.09.18 21:29 DropTeaNotBombs [XB1] H: NE250 Harpoon, TSE 2* 419 Dragon, Garrahan Foreman outfit, Traveling Leather Coat and Tattered Field jacket W: Berserkers commando bundle

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2021.09.18 21:29 AfterHoursQ82Q Census Data, CDC Database Expose Unvaccinated

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2021.09.18 21:29 LazeLinez LPT: No matter what a supervisor tells you, a staff meeting is not the place to be critical of anyone you work with, most importantly the supervisor!

Managers love telling employees that they’re always “open to suggestions” these days. A lot of leadership programs within the corporate world teach them that this is something workers want to hear, so they just say it without realizing what it truly means. The fact is; unless your manager is one of the very rare ones who doesn’t have a fragile ego (they aren’t), they are going perceive criticism as a personal attack. This applies at all times, but if the criticism is levied against them in a room full of their coworkers/subordinates, it stands to hit them especially hard. This is just a fact of human nature. Don’t make yourself a target for retaliation, which is easy for them to get away with if they have half a brain.
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2021.09.18 21:29 Pikkko If you treated some else the way you currently internally treat yourself, how would you end up treating them differently?

Question one for the 'treater':
How do you feel about treating yourself that way?
Question two for the 'treated':
How do you feel being treated by yourself that way?
Question three for both:
What would you like to say to yourself about it?
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2021.09.18 21:29 Jetical What to do for Vangaurd!

My suggestions considering the confusion behind this game, reimport all our guns, skins and charms from COD WW2, its not going to cost you anything, its the same game engine, afterall as i see it Vanguard is an upgrade to Call of Duty WW2(the most recent one) id love to start out this new Vanguard game with my Halloween reaper outfit, that i broke my fingers off unlocking, because it was both worth it and fun.
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2021.09.18 21:29 heinaga1989 🌀 Presale Phase Two has launched! 🎈 QUANTUM combines Crypto with Stock Trading | Now listed on ICOholder 📌 Get Cheaper Tokens NOW before price increase! 🌀

Quantum Foundation Presents: QUANTUM
🌀Quantum Presale is taking place from August 14th until the end of September.
Phase Two has started!
🍀Early investors get better rates. Details below.
The Public Presale QNT/BNB ratio starts at 300k QNT tokens for 1BNB and over the course of September gradually decreases to 200k QNT tokens for 1BNB.
In other words the earlier you invest, the more tokens you'll receive.
Today you'll receive 255k QNT for 1 BNB!
In order to protect yourself from sniping bots on DxSale, we've decided to create a dedicated trading platform. All you need is a Metamask wallet!
We also have just released Quantum Wallet! You can access it here: https://wallet.quantum-foundation.org/
Read about Quantum Wallet here: https://medium.com/@quantumfoundation/quantum-wallet-functionalities-what-is-the-main-goal-c558df16e76
Got any questions? We have answers! Check out the presale FAQ or join our Telegram channel!
💹 Presale: quantum-foundation.org/presale 💹
Join Telegram: t.me/quantum_foundation
Read the 📜 Whitepaper: quantumfoundation.gitbook.io
ICOholder listing: https://icoholder.com/en/quantum-foundation-1003496
Visit Website: quantum-foundation.org
Not only is this project the only one of its kind, you are one of the very first to benefit from our new QUANTUM system.
QUANTUM is a deflationary BEP20 token built on Binance Smart Chain network. Just like any other Binance token it is completely decentralized.
All decisions regarding the development of our Token and the DAG network will be made by our community through surveys.
This gives our developers a better idea as to ​​what our investors expect. Some of the features of our DAG blockchain will include:
❗ Trading regular stock assets such as obligations, shares, gold through our DAG network, each NFT will represent one commodity.
❗ Various Dapps which before were only possible to use on centralized exchanges.
❗ Simple, neat, and highly customizable environment for developing your own Dapps such as trading bots, watchlists and many more.
With QUANTUM you get a chance to become truly financially independent.
So let's build a better financial world together, today!
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2021.09.18 21:29 M_i_c_K Covid May Not The Only Thing Leaking From The Lab...

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2021.09.18 21:29 dev_lurve I don't get the meaning of this illustration

I came across this illustration at Grammarly, and I don't get it. Can you expain to me?
image - https://contenthub-static.grammarly.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Such-As-Comma.jpg
article - https://www.grammarly.com/blog/such-as-comma/
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2021.09.18 21:29 hnelsontracey Environmentally Conscious User Questions

Hello to my fellow Hello Fresh users, I just got my first box today - I've been interested in doing a meal kit service for a while, but was hesitant given a fear of excess plastic packaging and the like. But I realized doing take out, even from places with minimal packaging and no cutlery, was no different, so I decided why not give it a try. I do think it may end up being less plastic this way, but want to go about it the right way as much as I can.
I am wondering if seasoned members have any pro tips for recycling materials, reducing waste, making the most out of the box from an eco perspective. One thing I noticed off the bat was the ice packs, seems crazy to ship 3x new ones each time and they're non-recyclable plastic (#4 plastic so the labeling there is misleading).
Open to any pro tips in this category - thank you!
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2021.09.18 21:29 discombobulated38x [shockolaje] I need 2 more, should be easy

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2021.09.18 21:29 AroAce94 Dan Arrows educates us on the Upcoming GERMAN ELECTION!! (And how Politics have evolved in Germany!)

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2021.09.18 21:29 Pleasant-Slice714 1000 degree axe revamp idea

The 1000 degree axe
On hit: target is on fire for 8 second and every second you gain 8 health back
30% more damage to burning players
20% damage penalty
10% explosive vulnerability on wearer
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2021.09.18 21:29 Snoo-44619 Beautiful Early SA Dagger by Ed. Wusthof of Solingen. Shows Age.

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2021.09.18 21:29 marchinginplace THE RETURN OF YOUTUBE HAIKUS

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2021.09.18 21:29 flayofish What kind of pepper plant is this?

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2021.09.18 21:29 deepcut6 Remembering The LOST McDonalds Cartoon, THE WACKY ADVENTURES OF RONALD MCDONALD?

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2021.09.18 21:29 jameswarrensaid [HELP][PS4][DSR] Ornstein and Smough

Need help with Ornstein and Smough. Need to kill Smough first for Ornstein’s soul for my last weapon and trophy.
Password is Elden. Leave summon sign outside fog door.
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